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Why are John McCain's Supporters racist?

Posted October 13, 2008


 Watch the video here:

by Frank James

A man holding what looks to be a Curious George monkey doll bearing an Obama bumper sticker around its head was caught on camera at a Gov. Sarah Palin rally today.

The CBS News "From the Road" blog was kind enough to share the video with the world.

In his posting, Scott Conroy wrote:

(PHILADELPHIA) As the crowd cheered at a Sarah Palin rally this morning in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a man in the audience grinned as he held up a stuffed monkey doll with a Barack Obama bumper sticker wrapped across its forehead...

After Palin finished her remarks this morning, the man holding the stuffed monkey seemed to notice that a video camera was pointed at him, at which point he removed the Obama sticker from the doll's head and crumpling it up in his hand. He then handed the doll to a young boy who was watching the rally from his father's shoulders. The boy's parents later told CBS News that they weren't acquainted with the man who gave their son the stuffed monkey.

Wonder what our fellow citizen would have done if the little innocent hadn't been there to transform the doll from a racist symbol back into a doll?



"A sense of grievance spilling into rage has gripped some GOP events this week as McCain supporters see his presidential campaign lag against Obama. Some in the audience are making it personal, against the Democrat. Shouts of "traitor," "terrorist," "treason," "liar," and even "off with his head" have rung from the crowd at McCain and Sarah Palin rallies, and gone unchallenged by them. "



More Racist Comments On Stage at McCain Rally:



Desperate GOP Turns to Nasty Scare Tactics and Personal Attack Ads! We Need a President that can Lead not Divide!




McCain sat on board of racist group



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  • manofjustice Oct 14, 2008

    All I know is Sarah Palin has the bu tt of a goddess queen. Her eyes light up the night sky. She is the most beautifullest angelic white woman in the world.

  • Imagine 722 Oct 13, 2008

    It's so funny how stupid some of you people's's like people are saying Anybody who doesn't vote for Obama is racist.... right. Learn something people.

  • Imagine 722 Oct 13, 2008

    This makes me SO angry...again... I AM A SUPPORTER AND I AM NOT RACIST. REV. WRIGHT...that crazy unwell man... he seems far more than racist and Anti-American to me...and Obama's best friend. Yeah... I really want Obama in the white house. Not.

  • viol8r Oct 13, 2008

    "I always flag those pictures for abuse just like I did the above picture, but apparently there are more folks who believe pictures like that are o.k."

    Welllllll, don't we just LOVE some free speech - the speech YOU disagree with is the EXACT speech intended to be protected - your infingement upon other's rights creates the vehicle by which you loose yours - be careful what you wish for.....

  • GodBless Oct 13, 2008

    I reported abuse on the pic and I don't care who knows it!

  • Tawny Oct 13, 2008

    No, Snow White! Those pictures that are put up of Senator Obama dressed as Jesus is wrong! It's blasphemous! I always flag those pictures for abuse just like I did the above picture, but apparently there are more folks who believe pictures like that are o.k.

  • Tawny Oct 13, 2008

    It's unfortunate that racism still appears to be "alive and well" with some folks.

  • 4DukeTillDeath Oct 13, 2008

    besides....whats the difference with a man putting an Obama sticker on a monkey than photoshopping a pic of McCain/Palin in Klan suits? Both are idiotic.

  • viol8r Oct 13, 2008

    "Never mind viol8tr...Had a brain cramp there. Been up a while...Sorry..."

    I have no tolerance for this man's fascsim - "ALL republicans are racist because he says so....."

    It toally disregards the fact that the history of intituionalized racism, slavery, the Klan, Jim Crow, - all of that was handed to us by democrats in office at the time.

    This the shame of the democrat party and the shame of this nation.

    The modern democrats may be different but this is pure hate speech directed not at he candidates, but at stangoodings fellow citizens.

    It is a veiled threat - wait until Obama gets into power - there will be no end to this type of trash and double think.

    Don't worry though, they'll tell you what your rights are - and you'll have to like it....

    I would never suggest to vote for or against Obama because of race - it is immaterial - but if you don't support Obama, according to stangooding, it's because of racism.

    What a load of horse squeeze...

  • 4DukeTillDeath Oct 13, 2008

    "Why are John McCains supporters racist?"

    hmmmm.....wonder who Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and the NAACP wil be voting for?




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