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Goldsboro man injured in shooting day after arrest

Posted October 22, 2010

— A Goldsboro man was shot and injured Thursday night, a day after he was arrested on charges of shooting into nearby homes.

Officers responding to calls about gunshots in the 1100 block of Olivia Lane around 10:30 p.m. found Darryl Devon Dunn, 20, lying on the ground. He was taken to Wayne Memorial Hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound. An condition update wasn't available.

Police said that no arrests have been made amid the ongoing investigation.

Dunn was arrested Wednesday afternoon on charges that he fired gunshots into four occupied homes in the 900 block of Hugh Street. That address is a few blocks away from the location where Dunn was found shot Thursday.

Dunn had been given a $25,000 secured bond after his arrest.

Diajuan Raymel Price, 18, of 712 Slaughter St., was also charged in connection with the shootings into Hugh Street houses. He was given a $30,000 secured bond.


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  • emeraldangeleyes Oct 22, 2010

    i kno daryll we went to high school together...i'm not surprised that he was charged in something like this but it is still sad never the less

  • Eastern N.C. Native Oct 22, 2010

    Grobert 6,

    You said, "Again, where is the popo? They know these areas, they are afraid...and not doing a bit of good. Bumb rush those areas!!!"

    My question for you is how do you know, seriously? Are you a cop in Goldsboro? Are you aware of the numerous project areas in Goldsboro? Do you realize that it takes only a split second to pull a trigger and the cops in the area could have been tied up on other calls?

    Think before you voice your opinion, please.

  • eureka1 Oct 22, 2010

    Let 'em go to Fremont- police dont put up with that stuff over there.

  • grobert6 Oct 22, 2010

    Karma is true to the word... and with that being said, something needs to be done. We have got to come together and try to stop this madness...I know we can't save them all, but if we could save just 1 life, thats worth standing up for. Again, where is the popo? They know these areas, they are afraid...and not doing a bit of good. Bumb rush those areas!!!

  • ccs1920 Oct 22, 2010

    Drendo/ You're right. These young men are part of a cycle that may never be broken.

  • Lead by Example Oct 22, 2010


  • nomorethanthat Oct 22, 2010

    How much did each have to put up in cash to satisfy the bond amounts? Reporting the actual amount required for release lets the public know about the 10% rule. $25,000 bond really means come up with $2,500 and you are back out on the streets. Was one or both secured bail amounts satisfied by a lien on personal property?

  • Whosays Oct 22, 2010

    Somebody probably shot back, I don't blame them.

  • Drendo Oct 22, 2010

    What goes around...Comes around