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Goldsboro man faces charge of sex with girl

Posted September 8, 2014

Brian Christopher Willis

— A Goldsboro man has been charged with having sex with a 12-year-old girl, authorities said Monday.

Brian Christopher Willis, 19, of 303 S. Jefferson Ave., was charged with first-degree rape of a child and was being held in the Wayne County jail under a $200,000 bond.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office said the girl's parents found text messages on her phone that were sexual in nature, so they called authorities. Investigators said both Willis and the girl admitted to having sex in a parking lot in the Saulston community.


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  • knbrown13 Sep 8, 2014

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    I thought the same thing as you did. There are some kids that can pass for being older. I know that parents can't be everywhere, but you should be able to keep pretty good tabs on a 12 year old. Although a minor cannot give consent it does seem as though the text messages were going back and forth; not just one way.

  • jackaroe123 Sep 8, 2014

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    I believe the age of consent in NC is 16. I don't know if there are stipulations for age differences. I've known some 12-year-olds who could pass for 16. More than likely, though, this is a case of a guy who didn't really care how old she was, and whose own agenda allowed him to rationalize that her agreement actually meant anything.

  • iopsyc Sep 8, 2014

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    I don't think I've ever seen a 12yo that could pass for 18yo. Not that it can't happen, but dang if it wouldn't be the exception to the rule.

  • Cindy Rose Sep 8, 2014
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    Did he know she was 12? Also parent(s) not paying attention.

  • Alexia Proper Sep 8, 2014
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    There's nothing wrong with having a mobile phone. Do you think it's the phone's fault?

  • babylaceycarpenter Sep 8, 2014

    If history really repeats itself, this guy will get a 5 year suspended sentence and 6 months unsupervised probation. It will not be until his 3rd offense, that he will face actual prison time.

  • Brian Jenkins Sep 8, 2014

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    They wont tell them the truth. Parents lie to their own kids the first year they are born about some fat guy in a suit coming down their chimney....only if they are good of course.

  • wytlytn Sep 8, 2014

    but what i dont understand is why was this 12 year old CHILD allowed to be out somewhere that her parents did not know. i have 2 kids and until they were 20 i knew where they were.....please be a parent and not a friend

  • Steve Sanders Sep 8, 2014
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    Say good bye and hello sex registery!

  • Cabe Merritt Sep 8, 2014
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    I don't think a 12 year old needs a etxting cell phone.