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Goldsboro fire chief off the job

Posted October 29, 2008

— Goldsboro fire Chief Alvin Ward is no longer employed by the city, an official said Wednesday.

City Manager Joe Huffman, however, would not say if Ward resigned or if he was terminated, and he would not comment on any other details about the matter for now.

Ward's photo was posted on the Goldsboro Fire Department's Web site Wednesday morning, but had been removed by Wednesday evening.


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  • greek001 Nov 4, 2008

    Because of selfishness, and many not willing to make a change, their actions put a qualified individual with out any form of support for his family.

    These allegations were unwarranted and unfounded. Chief Alvin Ward is an educated man, who will not allow any bias thoughts or opinions to influence any decision he makes. Those individuals that had or may have had a part in signing any petition or writing a letter to dismiss an individual for simply doing his job should not have been rewarded for their efforts. He should have been allowed to face his accusers. Those chief officers or officers such as Chief L. Johnson, Capt. D. Collin, and many others who had a problem with change or simply following daily instructions for the betterment of the department, should have resigned or searched for a different career path. Anytime you have chief officers or officers in position that go against everything needed to bring about a change, they should be disciplined.

    So many times, people

  • greek001 Nov 4, 2008

    The comments written are in reference to the unfair action that was taken to dismiss the Fire Chief of the City of Goldsboro Fire Dept. Chief Alvin Ward, because of bias and false statements that were made against him. Many times when people of an organization have come to a point where changes are needed, and they say they desire change, but when the change comes it is not received with an open mind to learn.

    The City of Goldsboro did a statewide search, to employ the best possible candidate for the position of fire chief, and one was completed for the best-qualified person, in education, in experience, and one who could make the changes needed and take the dept. to the next level. That person was chosen and put in place to serve, protect the citizens, and to bring about a needed change. Some changes were already put into place, and chief officers were held to standards, of which they were not responsible for in the pass. But because of the changes that came and may have inconve

  • fedupgirl Nov 4, 2008

    I think it is sad that this has turned into a racist situation. If you look at fire stations throughout the state most have a low percentage of minorities. Whether it be blacks/hispanics/females etc...it is still a white male dominated field. Why is this such a shock to the people in Goldsboro? If we as firefighters would concentrate on our jobs and our own education rather than what black person is being mistreated or what white person is getting promoted then our departments might not have as many problems as they do. What happen to brotherhood? Who cares what race you are. I am so tired of hearing it. It's 2008. Get over it already. If people would quit playing the race card everytime they don't get their way the problem of racism would disappear.

  • bereal12382 Oct 31, 2008

    Everyone at Goldsboro Fire Department supported this man, i know i did, until he created chaos and turmoil for the department. This man always kept his door locked during the day and you werent even allowed to see the secretary without gaining permission. The only ones who had an open door policy with this man are the ones who were in his "click"! I know i sure didnt have a direct line with him as did the one posting most of the comments here(H. Isler), or his tag-along friend (J. Whitney). And you wonder why these guys supported him so much, Im sure if i was part of the "click" then i would have had a personal conversation with this man everyday too! I fault the city manager for taking so long to get rid of this man, it is something that should have been done long ago! You cant say this is a racial issue b/c in case you have forgotten, before we had Ward, we had a wonderful chief by the name of Bobby Greenfield. Hopefully they will make better decisions next time!

  • bereal12382 Oct 31, 2008

    I think it took entirely too long for this action to take place, this is something that should have happened over a year ago! As for Mr. Engineer 92 saying that minorities are discriminated against b/c there are only 4 black officers if you do an overall percentage considering Alvin Ward was the 5th black officer the percentages equal when you do it as a total for the department. 5 black officers out of 24 total equals 21% of the department. You do the numbers and tell me if that isnt around the same percentage of minorities in the department around 21%.

  • letsbreal Oct 31, 2008

    I support Chief Ward 100%, I think that if every one else had done so, the FD would not be in such a mess right now.

    You can cut the head off of the snake, but when the body has no heart what have you really accomplished?

    Let's see how many people we sneaking out of the city managers back door. Now, how many do we see walking right through the front door?

  • letsbreal Oct 31, 2008

    Ok, does everyone really think that there were NO problems in the FD, prior to the current chief? No, don't think so. So quick to condem the one's who try to make things change. Change is part of the problem, no one at GFD likes it. I can't see how you can have so many people stay at one station for so long, and never pull time at the other stations. Is it a "click thing"? It seems so. If that is the case, it seems to me that if you are not in the click, people are against you, and it doesn't matter the color of your skin. The FD is not a brotherhood, and I think it should be. Too much talking about nonsense, not enough doing your job. Let's overlook all of the general orders that are broken daily, unless it benefits you. Let us not even care that we have Captain's who sleep all day long in thier room, I could go on on, but we all know how many general orders are broken every day.

  • hli32 Oct 31, 2008

    Concerned4all I do understand your point. But you have to understand how the City of Goldsboro and the Fire Department works from a inside stand point. I wish the majority of the Goldsboro Fire Dept. could see the same way you do, but that's not the case. If you follow this story you will see it as I do in the end, when justice is served. This has saddened my heart for a long time now also. The minorities in this department suffered in this work enviroment for a long time. We need HELP!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for you comment.

  • Concerned4All Oct 31, 2008

    (continuation from last post) I challenge everyone to move past their intial/emotional responses and be the firefighters (male/female/black/white/asian/etc) that provide the community protection rather than division.

  • Concerned4All Oct 31, 2008

    I am deeply saddened when I read the posts associated with the Goldsboro FD. Not only because of the lack of facts or involvement by those making the posts but because as a nation we have fallen away from our morales/values and come to rely on most issues being associated with race. Black men/women and white men/women are equal! It is not the color of our skin that makes us right or wrong but rather it is the choices we make in life. Our choices provide us with either rewards or consequences. I would encourage those who feel they must speak out about this situation to look beyond the surface (color) and make their conclusions based on facts. Do not let the media or others influence your thoughts/beliefs. Basing your opinions on these factors alone only allows for a flawed opinion. I can only trust that the right choices have been and are still being made. And if not, the appropriate consequences will follow. (Continued on next post)