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Goldsboro couple finds live grenade in antique

Posted June 23, 2011

— An explosives team from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base disposed of a live hand grenade Wednesday after a couple found it while restoring an antique sewing machine, authorities said Thursday.

David and Susan Crooks, of West Hill Road in Goldsboro, found the grenade in a drawer of the sewing machine and called authorities for help. Authorities said the device appeared to have been made in Germany during World War I.

The Crooks said the sewing machine had been in the family for years, but it was unclear who put the grenade in the drawer.


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  • smokiejoe Jun 24, 2011

    This was a wwI german grenade it has no pin to pull.You just twist the top and throw. The lady even said she had an uncle
    who recalled playing with it as a child.Just think they could
    have had a blast playing with it.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Jun 23, 2011

    ajmac - "why would you put a grenade in a drawer? much less, a sewing machine?! just nuts. this story cracks me up! :)"

    It's from long ago.

    Our dad's was in the blanket chest. When he died and my sister moved into the family home with five children, she took it to the city museum.

  • shutterbug Jun 23, 2011

    Story says WWI not WWII. That could be worse or better.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Jun 23, 2011


    I remember back in the old days, many of us had unarmed grenades that our fathers brought back from WWII.

    I even took my dad's to school for show and tell back in the 60s.

    Can you imagine a kid doing that nowadays.


  • seankelly15 Jun 23, 2011

    still 1of theOriginalAmericans - "lol... well now they have two antiques."

    You do realize that the explosive team destroyed the grenade, right?

  • lec0257 Jun 23, 2011

    I bet that is why the family never complained about anything their mother was sewing for them to wear to school.

  • NiceNSmooth Jun 23, 2011

    lol... well now they have two antiques. Wonder if they will be on that antique roadshow? lol

  • ajmac09 Jun 23, 2011

    why would you put a grenade in a drawer? much less, a sewing machine?! just nuts. this story cracks me up! :)

  • Scaramouche Jun 23, 2011

    "Well as long as the pin was in when it there was no danger"

    depends. not an expert on WW2 German grenades, but it depends on what the filler is. some become unstable with age.

  • ncguy Jun 23, 2011

    I would have kept it for misbehaved children....