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Goldsboro boy accused of charging $447 to parents' account

Posted January 19, 2011

— Goldsboro police charged a 10-year-old boy with financial transaction card fraud after he allegedly used his parents' Facebook account to obtain access to their PayPal account.

The boy, whose name was not released, charged approximately $447.50 to his parents' account during a two-day period, according to police. He bought "popular Facebook applications," according to police spokeswoman Sgt. Dot Ardes.

The parents, whose names were also not released, filed a police report on Oct. 27 about what their son had allegedly done. The matter will be handled in juvenile court, according to police. 


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  • galileosgal Jan 20, 2011

    Why are we tying up taxpayer dollars with an issue that should be left up to the parents. Spank the kid, take his computer privilages away, and have him earn and pay back each and every dollar.

  • miss Q B Jan 19, 2011

    since when do we not parent and dicsipline our own children?! & some people on GOLO get my nerves...just sayin!
    i know i would criminally charge my 10 yr old for money, but he wouldn't be able to sit a week.

  • gemini142 Jan 19, 2011

    what's the amount which is used to determine the difference between Grand Theft and a misdomeane(sp?)

  • wildcat Jan 19, 2011

    Change your password often folks...come on :-)

    Children should not be allowed on their parents computers in the first place. When they slip and do it any way. There should be harsh consequences.

  • wildcat Jan 19, 2011

    Tough love is on the backside not the courthouse! The parents should be held accountable for allowing their 10 year old on facebook to start with!

    Really! Then explain why so many underaged already have cell-phones. You need to think before putting words on this board. Thanks.

  • MzBoogie Jan 19, 2011

    What a shame. I can't even imagine my son doing this. My question is why did he have access to their fb account anyway. Change your password often folks...come on :-)

  • dawnashley722 Jan 19, 2011

    Sounds like this little boys needs good old fashioned spanking! Parents these days are too passive!!! Kids are not afraid of their parents like we were. Tough love is on the backside not the courthouse! The parents should be held accountable for allowing their 10 year old on facebook to start with!

  • wildcat Jan 19, 2011

    Thanks for allowing my comments WRAL and staff.

  • wildcat Jan 19, 2011

    Most want to cover up when a young underage child do wrong. Why? Is this the very reason why so many are setting in state prison today? Parents need to be parents and not buddies/friends and do your job in a responsible way. Show children that their will be consequences when they do wrong. Teach them now so you will never live to see them enter prison life. I know you don't want that. Pray for all our youth.

  • anderson Jan 19, 2011

    This is a parental matter that should not involve the authorities. Plain and simple.

    Financial identity theft is a crime...plain and simple.