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Goldsboro 17-year-old charged with attempted murder

Posted August 31, 2010

— Goldsboro police arrested a 17-year-old on Monday and charged him with attempted first-degree murder in connection with an Aug. 26 shooting in the 1900 block of Day Circle.

Authorities arrested Larry Maurice Saunders at 416 Miller Ave. The 17-year-old, who lives at 106 Day Circle, was taken into custody without incident, according to police. He was placed in the Wayne County Jail in lieu of a $1 million secure bond.

The charge stems from an investigation into the Aug. 26 shooting in which Javon Thomas Young was shot in the lower back. He was taken to Wayne Memorial Hospital and airlifted to Pitt Memorial Hospital for further treatment, according to police.


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  • NoObamaCare Aug 31, 2010

    uteharrison- The way I took your initial comment was not racial at all... it was fact and that is all is come's down to in life. Your points are very valid and right online with the issues around this epidemic!

  • NoObamaCare Aug 31, 2010

    Most likely drug or gang related... see this too frequently with this age group here in Raleigh. They need to give him 2 options: 1. Go to prison for a long, long time
    2. Go over seas and fight for the freedom he has taken advantage of and learn to respect life more!

  • uteharrison Aug 31, 2010

    Hold on here please all of you, this is getting way of track and away from the point of matter, what the young man has done
    as a crime he knows to well, shooting another Human Being. For
    whatever reason we do not know or understand due to we all have a different point of view of our own up brings and heritages.
    When I stated my point of view here a little bit ago, by all meanings why always it turns into a black and white issue.
    People calling or using words to get to another instead getting to the point of the problem.
    The main problem is our children and ourself need help but don't know where to turn for help. Single parents are put down & blamed for their kids actions.
    When I voiced myself here today I never thought that others would turn it into same racial and stereo typing matter. Only wanted to explain why the bond was 1 Million secure bond.

  • oleguy Aug 31, 2010

    He does not need to be in a military camp, he is a coward,,,
    Maybe a migrant labor camp, he could work all day and protect his B at night. That would get him to thinking

  • colliedave Aug 31, 2010

    Ok, babies will continue to be born from young mothers who don't make right choices but have regret later. Some thinks that having the mans baby will keep the man in their life. They look for love in the wrong places.So sad. wildcat

    and this is where there needs to be strong messages sent within the AA community and the socity at large that this behavior is wrong and unhealthy. but should a group speak out they will be quickly labled as judgemental and out of step with the times.

    Look at Hollywood and how its culture is glamorizedm Many years ago a starlet getting pregnant out of wedlock was scorned. Now it is far too common

  • colliedave Aug 31, 2010

    Now the parents know where there son is and where he is headed. They can sleep in peace knowing all of this. wildcat

    Givn the sad satistics of out of wedlock births, it's probably mother and absent father. And given the revoloving door that is the correction system, he his on his way to being a habitual felon.

  • katboo2350 Aug 31, 2010

    ncwiseguy.....are there any white people on welfare? do they lift themselves out of this quagmire?

  • GWALLY Aug 31, 2010

    ncwiseguy...you said it much better than I.

  • rspilkington Aug 31, 2010

    They need to lock this fool up and throw away the key. Next time there may not be attempted in front of murder in the headline.

  • ncwiseguy Aug 31, 2010

    gwally.......and the most damning part of your statistical commentary is that once this generation-to-generation-to-generation public assistance gets ingrained, there is little if any hope that blacks can lift themselves out of this quagmire. it becomes a way of life........as more and more children are born and pass the public assistance mentality along to a larger minority population.

    sooner or later one or more of several things will occur. our government will run out of money, the producers in the country will be taxed into oblivion or there will come a day when violence and civil revolution becomes a way of life between the classes.

    this is hard line commentary.........but it is reality.