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Girlfriend charged in Wake Forest man's stabbing death

Posted March 7, 2013
Updated March 8, 2013

— Police charged a Wake Forest woman Thursday with fatally stabbing her boyfriend in the apartment they shared.

Krystal Terin Delgado, of 876 N. Main St., Apt. 218, faces a first-degree murder charge in the death of Dorian Kwame Cunningham.

She was placed in the Wake County jail without bond and is due in court Friday.

Police say Cunningham, 23, died Wednesday night at WakeMed after being stabbed shortly after 6 p.m. at the Glen Royall Mill Apartments, in the home he shared with Delgado and her daughter.

Neighbors reported hearing arguing at the home Wednesday evening.

Investigators initially ruled the death accidental, but later called it "suspicious."

A 911 caller told authorities that Cunningham's girlfriend said he tripped over a box and fell onto a knife that was sticking out of it. 

A town spokesman said police have responded to the couple's apartment 12 times in the last year for domestic incidents.


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  • wralhateswhitemen Mar 8, 2013

    do you satisfy there goats as well?

  • wralhateswhitemen Mar 8, 2013

    We should now ban all knives and sporks.

  • JohnnyVoodoo Mar 8, 2013

    Some would say that if she wanted to get out of the relationship so bad, i'm sure there would be lots of guys who would love to take this attractive young lady off that gentleman's hands. Ya gotta admit, she's a hottie.

  • stymieindurham Mar 8, 2013

    ". . . . sounds like she was trying to hide something." ----Based upon what? Her statement under duress and fear of being taken away from her daughter? I reserve judgment and see a plea bargin with time served coming.

  • stymieindurham Mar 8, 2013

    If SHE was this bad why didn't HE get out?

  • bkn02 Mar 8, 2013

    Cover Up. She said he tripped and fell on the knife to cover up the fact that she intentionally stabbed him.

  • JohnnyVoodoo Mar 8, 2013

    I'm not sure discounting someone from committing a crime just because they're the sweetest person in the world is a wise track to follow. That would lead me to ask a simple question... can't good people do bad things too?

  • shortcake53 Mar 8, 2013

    Its not always the woman who is in danger in domestic cases. Sometimes the guy is the one in danger, which a lot of people seem to forget.

  • nitabitasmith Mar 8, 2013

    @pareceanjelica112 I am so sorry for your loss. Ppl need to learn not to judge until you get the whole story. The fact that she lied about him tripping and falling on a knife sounds like she was trying to hide something. If you are being abused and you murder your abuser, saying something like you were defending yourself against the person would be a more plausible thing to say. She seems guilty.

  • bombayrunner Mar 8, 2013

    stormy relationship.