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Girl's throat slashed in high school fight

Posted March 5, 2009

— A 15-year-old girl was recovering Thursday at Southeast Regional Medical Center in Lumberton after being cut on the throat by another girl during a fight at Red Springs High School, police said.

The fight occurred at about noon Wednesday.

Cierra James, 17, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a weapon on school property. She was released to the custody of her parents Wednesday night.

Red Springs Police Chief Troy McDuffie said the two girls got into a fight, and James pulled out a box cutter and slashed the other girl across the throat. He didn't know what prompted the fight.

Robeson County Schools officials couldn't be reached Thursday about what disciplinary action, if any, James faces.


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  • jessrivera0990 Mar 6, 2009

    wow,everybody with the exception of a few people have no clue what you are talking about.poverty has nothing to do with what happen,or the county that it happen in.for those of you who dont think before you speak,the county that it happen in,is only under "poverty" because we always get the least attention,and if we need help we dont get it.which we dont have a good rep,cause people only know about us because of the news media,when bad stuff happens.anyways,to the person that said the chic was a savage,thats what started the whole fight anyways,because around here you call a native american a savage,you get hurt.end of story,its all a racial situation anyways.nobody in any county is better than anybody else,cause if that was true,why do i always hear on the news of murders in durham and raliegh.if you cant handle situations in your own county,why point fingers at ours,when you should be helping not bringing us down to nothing but bad people,not every person in rob. co. is in "poverty".

  • mandavita009 Mar 6, 2009

    ok,why do all these news media get this whole story wrong.i go to the school where the stuff took place,and i saw it myself.the girl who cut the other girl was 18 not 17 so i dont see how she got only 2 charges when its actually 4.she got assault with a deadly weapon,assault on a MINOR,attempted murder and bringing a deadly weapon to school.the next thing is the whole fight started over name calling,and racial problems that been going on since last week,against indians and blacks.i see the whole situation as something that could have been prevented because,it took at least 5 mins to get somebody out there to pull them apart.what business the girl had bringing a blade to school is crazy.the school is terrible,what school searches people the NEXT day after the fight happens with metal detectors,when its probably something they should do EVERYDAY,because people knew about it before school got out that day.but the girl who was cut is fine,she came home yesterday,with 10 days suspension.

  • ashleyleanna2006 Mar 6, 2009

    I'm about to be a mother in 5 months! This makes me want to lock my child up. It's sad you can not go anywhere now a days without worrying if someone is going to cut you up or shoot you! It seems like everytime you turn around there is a story about a CHILD killing or hurting someone else! I just hope this girl gets punished for what she has done & I pray for the victim!

  • Eduardo1 Mar 5, 2009

    girlwonders.....what has poverty got to do,with a girl bringing a weapon to school, attempted murder of another girl? This is no Richy-Rich, asking this question. Under your theory during the great depression, murder should have been the rule rather than the exception. And your other comment about both parents working, well for the past 40 years or so, that exists in 10's of millions of households. That should be more of a reason for a child to not be a murderess. or as you also stated, a single parent family, why is that a reason for a young person to bring a deadly weapon to school and cut another students throat? and you piny tek.sure I am think she will learn something by 2-4 days in Jail. Lesson = OK TO DO IT AGAIN, YOU WILL ONLY GO TO JAIL 2-4 days. I do not mean to dis any posters, but....PLEASE ENGAGE BRAIN BEFORE PUTTING MOUTH IN MOTION

  • any1butcarolina0405 Mar 5, 2009

    man there must have been a crazy moderator earlier today.. but I will repost again: this girl will get no punishment and will probably only get parole and will think she's above the law and more than likely commit more crimes.... someone tell me what was wrong with that comment. whatever.

  • ccacrabbitdog Mar 5, 2009

    ok lets ban all knives.....hahahaha......c how silly u peole sound that want to take my gun.............

  • EZeegoing Mar 5, 2009

    ''Robeson County Schools officials couldn't be reached Thursday about what disciplinary action, if any, James faces.''

    If any ??? A potentially life threatening crime was committed, a weapon was taken to school and official don't know what disciplinary action, if any will be administered. What is missing in this picture ?

  • Coach K is GREAT Mar 5, 2009

    ... or GOLO, is this better/"CLEANER"

  • Coach K is GREAT Mar 5, 2009

    Really WRAL!!!??? ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! What was wrong with my post, I didn't insult anyone, I didn't call anyone a name and I didn't curse. I just spoke from the heart...

    There is no excuse for what this girl did. When are people going to open their eyes to the fact that you can't help individuals who don't want to help themselves...

    girlwonders made the excuse that this area is poverty stricken, and that alot of these kids have both parents that work or either one parent only. That has nothing to do with it. This girl went after the victim intending to do harm/possibly cause death. NO EXCUSE. Everyone knows right from wrong regardless of their background. It's a sad, sad world now a days when a person doesn't care if they cause harm to another individual.


  • BlueSkys Mar 5, 2009

    omg...I bet they will homeschool the victim after she heals