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Girl hurt in DWI wreck near Roseboro dies

Posted April 8, 2011

— A 2-year-old girl injured last week in a collision near Roseboro has died, officials said Friday.

Alexandria McMaster died at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center from injuries suffered in the March 30 wreck on N.C. Highway 24.

The Highway Patrol said the girl's mother, Becky Jane Lavendier, 26, of Trenton, was trying to pass another westbound vehicle when her Lincoln sedan collided head-on with a Mitsubishi Galant.

Lavendier's other three children – Samantha Hawkins, 9, Elizabeth Hawkins, 8, and Barbara McMaster, 4 – also were injured in the wreck. Barbara has been released from Sampson Regional Hospital, and the older girls were listed in fair condition Friday at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

Lavendier has been released from Sampson Regional Hospital, but the condition of the driver of the Mitsubishi, Tiffany Lechelle Carlton, of Warsaw, was unknown.

Lavendier was charged with driving while impaired, careless and reckless driving and failure to properly restrain a child. Troopers said none of the four children was in a child car seat.


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  • bettyboop40 Apr 8, 2011

    So sad....careless and reckless

  • anitadaughtry Apr 8, 2011

    smacki -- Yes, some things are too funny to resist. Like when one person points out another's slip up and slips up in her own reply. Please refer to "Mad_dash Why just a piece of carp? Why not a whole carp? Carp are as unappealing whole as they are partially. Tee Hee......sorry...I could resist. Some typos are just plain funny.". Shouldn't that be I couldn't resist? Or, maybe you could. Either way, I agree.

  • djcgriffin Apr 8, 2011

    This story is so sad :( Praying for the family members; that is a very hard loss.

  • emeraldangeleyes Apr 8, 2011

    child neglect, manslaughter, there's so much that she can (and probably will) be charged with

  • jusmyopnyun Apr 8, 2011

    Prison;tubal ligation;release surviving children to better homes;perhaps I could then have compassion for her.She's too old and experienced to have NOT anticipated that her choices that day were not in the best intrest of those children.

  • raggy831 Apr 8, 2011

    very sad! hope the other childern, and the other driver will be alright.

  • smaki1252 Apr 8, 2011

    Why just a piece of carp? Why not a whole carp? Carp are as unappealing whole as they are partially. Tee Hee......sorry...I could resist. Some typos are just plain funny.

    As for your intended sentiment, I totally agree. I don't understand why some people only learn their lesson after they have paid the ultimate price.

  • sssh.. whisper Apr 8, 2011

    So sad.. Though, IMO, I believe she should be charged with murder.. Intentionally drinking and driving, intentionallly putting children in the car, intentionally not providing safety seats, intentionally not using any other restraints!!

    There is just too much much intention going on!!!

  • rachell15 Apr 8, 2011

    She should be charged with way more than just manslaughter, I was thinking that plus all traffic offenses, child endangerment, neglect, abuse, times 4 and anything else that will keep her away from those kids. She obviously is not fit to take care of her kids.

  • Legally Here Apr 8, 2011

    very sad, It really upsets me when I see a car next to me at a light and little kids jumping arouond in the back seat. This woman should be charged with manslaughter IMHO