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Girl, 6, dies after drowning call in Raleigh

Posted July 8, 2013
Updated July 9, 2013

— A 6-year-old girl died at WakeMed Monday night after police were called to a Raleigh home about a possible drowning. 

Officers responded to the 2700 block of Barmettler Street, near Wade Avenue and Dixie Trail, around 6:45 p.m.    

Police spokesman Jim Sughrue said Tuesday that foul play does not appear to be a factor in the girl's death.

Neighbors said a woman lived at the house with a little girl, but they weren't sure of their relationship.

Raleigh police on Tuesday released a recording of a frantic 911 call from a woman identifying herself as the child's mother. In the call, the woman tells emergency services that the girl is blue and not breathing. 

The call-taker repeatedly tries to calm the woman and instructs her to perform CPR. The call disconnects after several minutes, and when the call-taker calls back, the woman tells her that authorities have arrived. 

No other details, including the girl's name, were immediately available. 


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  • JDGR Jul 12, 2013

    I want to know more about this child maybe was my son classmate :(

  • mm23 Jul 10, 2013

    To malonem1- yes, this could happen to a 6yr old child in a bathtub. Do not be so quick to judge. An adult in the room may have prevented this, but we do not know what medical conditions this child had. Perhaps seizure, or slipped and hit her head? And passing out in just a couple of inches of water could be enough. As for not being right next to a 6yr old in the tub, I do not think this is unusual as that is the age when modesty starts to kick in and the parent may have been checking on her but just not there at that critical moment. We can not assume there is negligence here, and I hope not. Either way, a tragedy.

  • daddylike Jul 10, 2013

    She drowned in the tub. Do not know what kind of tub. It may have been a garden tub, or a regular tub. Maybe she fell and hit her head. Nobody will know until the autopsy. This was the sweetest little girl who loved everyone. She was adopted by her mother not even 2 years ago. Prayers to her family and friends.

  • JAT Jul 10, 2013

    did they ever say how she drowned? I wouldn't think there would be anything more than a baby pool at the house.

  • Scubagirl Jul 10, 2013

    I am so sorry this child died but I am so glad it was merely an accident

  • shortcake53 Jul 9, 2013

    I am so sorry for all who loved this child.

  • malonem1 Jul 9, 2013

    How in the world did this child drown? I don't think it could have been in a bathtub - 6 years old? no way - obviously, she wasn't being watched in the care of an adult.

  • babscash Jul 9, 2013

    I agree with Obamacare rules on this one. SeanKelly15, it is sad a little girl died in any kind of tragic way (it breaks my heart) but reporters need to just say 5 year old died by drowning...and call it a day or tell the story. If you don't tell the story no one has any emotions about it. I am sorry for the loss of this little girl and the family that has to mourn her.

  • heard-it-all-before Jul 9, 2013

    "Obamacare rules does have a good point, why bother reporting this if they're not going to give all the facts."

    they want to give this peanut gallery plenty of time to speculate and draw their own ridiculous conclusions first

  • Obamacare rules Jul 9, 2013

    seankelly, can I have just one day where you don't stalk me?....and yes, details are important.