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Gas grill malfunction blamed for Raleigh house fire

Posted June 8, 2008
Updated June 9, 2008

— A gas-grill malfunction is being blamed for a Raleigh house fire.

Emergency crews were called to the historic home on Byrd Street at about 6 p.m. Sunday.

Dr. Michael Bryan said he turned on the gas grill and went into the house. When he returned, he said, flames were shooting out the side of the grill.

The house, which was built in the 1930s, quickly caught fire.

Flames spread through the two-story home and into the attic within minutes.

“If there is ever a fire in your house, get out quick. I got to the front door and said, 'I'll go back and get my keys.' I looked back, and there were flames going into the kitchen,” homeowner Dr. Michael Bryan said.

The house suffered significant smoke damage.

There were no injuries, but an extra fire crew was called to help because of the heat.


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  • foetine Jun 9, 2008

    And we're going to get stuck paying more in our insurance because old happy griller wandered away from his open flame next to a wood source. Go eat at hardees.

  • bomanicous Jun 9, 2008

    It's kind of ironic I just came across this article about meth heads using propane tanks to make meth and they return them damaged causing fires.


  • HopingForABetterWorld Jun 9, 2008

    wralgolo, I must disagree with you. In most of the new homes, 30' from your house is in your neighbor's living room. Might as well invite them over for the cookout.

  • PaulRevere Jun 9, 2008

    CHARCOAL, people!

  • gorgon01 Jun 9, 2008

    He did it on purpose because his house is being foreclosed on. Insurance money baby!!

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Jun 9, 2008

    You can't expect a doctor to know anything about a gas grill. But the flames out the side should have been symptomatic of a

  • Air Biscuit Jun 9, 2008

    Breaking news:

    "Raleigh Man sues Gas Grill Manufacturer"

    from Airbiscuit--staff writer

    A Raleigh man has filed a lawsuit with the manufacturer of a gas grill that exploded and almost left him for dead. The man contends that the grill company never included a warning not to light the grill and leave it unattended. He claims that he never once recieved any notification of the dangers of leaving pressurized propane and open flames unattended, and he further states that the company never told him that flames could extend into a window, thereby igniting materials on the other side.
    Gas grill officials filed a countersuit stating the owner should have known by common sense instilled by the Creator would tell someone that flammable gases and open flames should be watched carefully.
    More on this at eleven.

  • Armando de Cabana Boy Jun 9, 2008

    I love my Weber charcoal grill!!!!

  • Groovy Jun 9, 2008

    mrtwinturbo, i'm sure you know that you never light a gas grill with the cover closed. you should turn on the gas with cover closed, then open cover, light. no need to wait.

  • mrtwinturbo Jun 9, 2008

    When I first got married we bought a new gas grill which had to be assembled, and of course the wife insisted that I follow the instructions to a "T". So I did. After assembled I read the lighting instructions and it read: Turn gas on, close lid, wait 30 seconds and press igniter button. Thinking 30 seconds was too long, I stayed the course, my wife insisted. Needless to say what happened upon ignition. The lid landed in my neighbors yard. Lesson learned, never get married, don't follow instructions. And wait 3 seconds instead of 30. Turco replaced the grill for free.