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Gas companies want to raise rates

Posted February 28, 2008
Updated April 30, 2008

Two natural gas providers serving Central North Carolina have asked the state for permission to raise rates.

PSNC, which serves the Triangle and Piedmont Natural Gas have both informed the state they will apply for a rate increase. Neither specified how much the hike might be. 


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  • VT1994Hokie Feb 29, 2008

    After reading these comments, I think that too many of you are lowering the thermostat way too low during the night, and it takes a lot of electricity to power it back up during the day.

    It takes so much power and gas to continue to run until you reach the desired temp. It is better if you keep the thermostat at a certain level of comfort. Too much up and down will certainly increase your bill.

    But, I agree, we are getting ripped again, because there are only a few that provide the services with gas.

  • readme Feb 29, 2008

    Let them charge more. Maybe people will begin to realize their house is too large and expensive to heat. Too bad people can't choose their gas company like they choose theur phone company, then we'd really find out if they had to increase their rates.

  • GWALLY Feb 29, 2008

    .....it's the oil companies that are raping the American public NOT the natural gas companies......if your natural gas had increased at the same rate as gasoline that $200 per month gas bill you just paid would have been $600 or $700 !!!!!!!!
    .....now with that said, yes, they should justify the increase request.

  • RainierBeer Feb 29, 2008

    Are they crazy? I just paid $200+ gas bill, what more do they want, blood?

  • Tidbit Feb 29, 2008

    I would love for them to justify their reasoning for raising rates. There wasn't much of a cold winter.... so there is not a "demand"...

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Feb 29, 2008

    private plye - right there with you
    It's crazy!!!

  • Adventurer007 Feb 29, 2008

    Unbelievable- PSNC natural gas rates have easily jumped 30-35% in the last 12-18 months and now they want to raise it even furher-why don't local leaders block this attempt? OSX makes an excellent point- it should not be less expensive to heat with electricity as apposed to natural gas. My next home will definitely be all electric utilities- the previous advantages of natural gas have disappeared. Let's see how PSNC reacts when people have had enough and start purchasing homes that require no natural gas and also converting to heat pumps and replacing water heaters and other appliances with electric ones.

  • snizzake Feb 29, 2008

    what makes me sick too is that they want to charge you that "basic facilities charge" of at least $10-15 per month throughout the year even if you NEVER use a single therm of gas!!! throughout the summer I never use an ounce of gas since I only have gas heat and fireplace, but I get a bill every month from PSNC!!! They should cut out that basic fee if they think they can raise rates. No one should have to pay a dime when they aren't using ANY gas!

  • doodad Feb 29, 2008

    In a Carolina magazine article, it showed how heating gas and oil increased with inflation over a ten year period VS electricity.

    Heating gas and oil was somewhere around 9% and electricity was like 1.7%.

    You might want to consider that if you are remodling or building.

  • jejogaps Feb 29, 2008

    When gas started going up a few years ago we decided to get an outdoor wood heater. It heats the house and the water and really cuts down on the electric bill.