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Garner woman charged with safe-cracking

Posted December 3, 2010

— A Garner woman carried off a safe from a Knightdale home sometime within the last week, according to an arrest warrant.

Amber Nichole Narron, 23, of 1104 JR Drive, is charged with safe-cracking and felony larceny in the incident. A warrant states that she grabbed the safe from a home on Kemp Drive and that the safe contained $2,740 in cash and jewelry.

Narron is also charged with attempted breaking and entering in connection with a Nov. 8 incident at a home on Altice Drive in Raleigh, and she is charged with obstruction of justice, receiving stolen goods and possession of stolen goods in a third incident. The last incident involves accepting a stolen wallet and agreeing to burn it to destroy the evidence of the theft, according to an arrest warrant.

She was being held Friday in the Wake County jail under $34,000 in bonds.


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  • samiam1244 Dec 3, 2010

    I can't believe all the crimes i read about in the news, just about every day..killings and robberies . i think just about everyone has gone mad.

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Dec 3, 2010

    Hey rargos, and you don't think the War on Drugs is causing a mess which will "last across generations"? Please... You're only looking at one side of the issue and ignoring the emminent failure that the WOD is!

  • onyourheels2 Dec 3, 2010

    maybe they mean she uses a sterile needle .

  • rargos Dec 3, 2010

    "She'll be out in no time. The court doesn't keep people locked up very long for this kind of stuff. I know...I live across from a guy who's been arrested for breaking in cars, breaking & entering, assault on a female, driving with no license and stealing & using a credit card. He's out 'n about everyday as free as a bird."

    Sad but true : you have to murder someone to get any real time these days. You'll ruin lots of peoples' lives along the way, but the system won't lock you up until you actually kill someone.

  • rargos Dec 3, 2010

    "Make drugs legal and cheap. The addicts will buy all they can and overdose. Problem solved."

    No, the addicts will lose their jobs and their health, then will have lots of kids who will turn into delinquents and deadbeats while Mom and Dad get high. Taxpayers will end up paying for the mess, which will last across generations.

  • Kelbad1 Dec 3, 2010

    lol @ SaltyOldJarhead I thought the same thing

  • SaltyOldJarhead Dec 3, 2010

    When did "safe-cracking" devolve to picking it up and running off with it?

  • Jbmat Dec 3, 2010

    Make drugs legal and cheap. The addicts will buy all they can and overdose. Problem solved.
    On another note, wonder if her parents will be hanging this picture on the family wall of fame/shame??

  • Internet Hate Machine 3 Dec 3, 2010

    She's hot

  • thinkb4uspeakplz Dec 3, 2010

    mad_dash...dont talk about white trash like that...lol. You give her too much credit! Make sure you stick criminal at the end....Good Old White Trash Criminal!!!