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Garner woman charged in insurance scams

Posted October 22, 2009

— A Garner woman has been charged with filing fraudulent insurance claims and in a theft from a Rocky Mount home, officials said Thursday.

Kimberly Joyce Smithson, 32, of 2216 Sumter Drive, was charged with larceny, breaking and entering, filing a false report, insurance fraud and obtaining property by false pretense. She was being held in the Wake County jail under a $52,000 secured bond.

Rocky Mount police said Smithson stole diamond, sapphire, pearl, emerald and gold jewelry totaling $14,550 on May 24 from the home of a friend whose house she was watching.

The state Department of Insurance determined that Smithson filed a fraudulent claim with Assurant Insurance Co. on April 21, claiming that a flat-screen television and digital camera were stolen from her home. She received $310.46 for her alleged losses, officials said.

Also, DOI investigators said she had someone set fire to her Garner home and then filed a claim with Nationwide Insurance for $9,389 for property destroyed in the fire.


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  • surgicaltechgirl Oct 22, 2009

    I guess everyone who has made a smart butted comment about this article had never done anything stupid illegal or not. Lets dig up your most stupid moments in your life and post them online for everyone to read about and comment, lets see how that makes you feel. You have no right so say anything about anyone especially if you do not even know this person.

  • mestarr2 Oct 22, 2009

    I would also like to add that no matter what this woman was going through in her life, she still committed a crime. She took money that wasn't hers to have under false pretenses.

  • mestarr2 Oct 22, 2009

    This is why it takes so long for insurance companies to settle claims because they have to do so much research to verify the information that is given to them. This is also why insurance rates keep increasing because of fraudulent claims.

  • surgicaltechgirl Oct 22, 2009

    its so nice to see that people have nothing better to do but run their mouth on-line about people they do not even know.. You have no idea why she did what she did, and its honestly none of your business..

  • Professor Oct 22, 2009

    She should have to pay back every cent and spend at least 3 years in prison for her wrong-doings.

  • dhamma Oct 22, 2009

    Jeeze, Quit while your ahead ??

  • Shaw Bears 95 Oct 22, 2009

    What some of us will do for a OLD mighty Dolla Bill. She's been running her mouth to somebody.

  • Chole Oct 22, 2009

    Soemone is doing a good job at catching dishonest people.

  • suckafree23 Oct 22, 2009

    I'm glad they are finally catching people..... There are a lot more out there just like her...... Go get'm NCDOI.........

  • Dragons_lady Oct 22, 2009