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Garner woman accused of stabbing boyfriend in the back

Posted December 26, 2008

— Garner police arrested a woman on the day after Christmas, charging that she stabbed her boyfriend in the back in the presence of a child.

Tanesha Chequella-Rose McCallum, 19, of 1200 Springview Trail Apt. B, faces charge of with assault with a deadly weapon. Police say that she stabbed Fuquan Tuck early Friday. 

According to the arrest warrant, a child was in the room when McCallum attacked Tuck.

Information on Tuck's condition was not available.


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  • lquaycakes Dec 26, 2008

    I have a question for all. Who said she had a baby? The article states “a child was in the room" this could have been a sister or cousin. Everyone is jumping to conclusion. It also bothers me that she has a smile on her face like this is a joke.

  • mproctor2 Dec 26, 2008

    another role model for the community.where is the respect?...........

  • ctechic2004 Dec 26, 2008

    Fats, not all who lives in black neighborhoods are thugs, drug dealers, murderers, etc. Do you know either of these people personally? If not, how do you know that she is unfit as a mother? Unless you know the facts, the true facts, about the assault then you should reserve your judgemental prejudicial comments.

  • goldenarm6 Dec 26, 2008

    I too have a pair, Fats. So I'm not denying that there are problems in the black community. Yes, there are thugs walking the streets, yes there are black gangsters, yes there are kids who don't know their fathers (that more blacks are in prison than in college? Mere conjecture). You want kudos for having the sack to point it out? Done!

    I'm just pointing out your obvious salivation at making this a race issue by your original post with the back-handed swipe at her name and veiled assumption that ALL black single mothers are some type of welfare hoes without knowing the circumstances. My mother was a single mom and raised one heck of a MAN.

    Do you know all of the facts surrounding this case as heinous as it is? Probably not if you are going by what we all read in the article. So that makes your post not politically correct; I mean congratulations for "having a pair" to discuss it - but just a cheap attempt at raising a race riot on the messageboard - in my humble view

  • Gnathostomata Dec 26, 2008

    How old is the child, and does it make a difference that she stabbed him in front of a child? I wonder if stabbing him in the first place is a crime in and of itself? Lots missing here; did he refuse to leave, abuse her, bought the wrong size?

  • Anne N Dec 26, 2008

    good point, this needs to stop.

  • fatchanceimwrong Dec 26, 2008

    Goldenarm6 wrote: "Hey fatchance, great point in your post! But all that other stuff was unneccesary, really."

    Sure, let's just not mention the root of the problems. In fact, let's just refuse to admit or acknowledge the problems in the black society alltogether. There are no problems of gang violence, young thugs walking the streets, single moms living off the government, kids who don't know who their daddy is, more blacks locked up than in college, etc... No, there's no problem here. Sorry I'm not politically correct and I'm not afraid to speak my mind about what I see. Perhaps more people should speak up about the violence, drugs & crimes that are rampant in the black community. Excuse me for mentioning it...I just happen to have a pair.

  • goldenarm6 Dec 26, 2008

    "That's the way to teach the child how to deal with adversity. Now don't be surprised when the kid grows up and stabs or shoots someone...it's just what their mommy did, right?"

    Hey fatchance, great point in your post! But all that other stuff was unneccesary, really.

  • Canon36 Dec 26, 2008

    Lock her up for the maximum. I would not want to run into this lady. She is a threat to society, especially if she will stab her boyfriend. She would probally stab anyone. Hopefully she will get help after her jail time.

  • NMBound Dec 26, 2008

    She's smiling and that bothers me. There is no excuse for what she did, whether she is a mother or not; black, white, purple or green and even if she is married or single!