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Garner police probe 13 car break-ins

Posted March 23, 2009
Updated March 24, 2009

— Garner police are investigating 13 separate thefts from cars that happened Sunday evening in the Lakemoor Subdivision.

In each incident, the vehicle had been left unlocked. Items stolen included GPS systems, car radios, wallets and cash.

Police reminded vehicle owners to lock their cars and remove valuables.

If you have any information about the incidents, which police consider break-ins, call Garner police at 919-772-8810 or Crime Stoppers at 919-226-2724.


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  • Bob Sidel Mar 24, 2009

    superior? no, Id say more secure, knowing I wont have bullets flying in my windows, thugs on the street corners and my car being broken into.

  • ThisIsMyName Mar 24, 2009

    Bob, you might be too "snobbish" to live in those areas, but many people live in those middle class affordable areas. You must feel superior to lots of people.

  • SaltlifeLady Mar 24, 2009

    hello people!? Why would you leave wallets, GPS systems, money, etc in your car, and then leave it unlocked on top of that? That's just stupid. Have some common sense.

  • ThisGuy Mar 24, 2009

    You shouldn't leave your car unlocked no matter where it is. Even garages aren't exactly the most well secured place. It's just a little harder to get to. Even in college my friends and I knew that it was safer to take everything out, we even took our face plates to our stereos to avoid having them stolen from the cars.

  • ThisIsMyName Mar 24, 2009

    Why would you leave your car unlocked if it's outside??????

  • NE Raleigh Mar 24, 2009

    Why would anyone leave valuables in an unlocked car? I leave nothing of value if I'm not in my car. If it isn't seen chances are your won't be broken into.