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Garner man pleads guilty to bigamy

Posted March 31, 2011

— A Garner man pleaded guilty Wednesday to marrying a woman in West Virginia while he was still married to a woman in North Carolina.

Robert Norris Jr., 58, pleaded guilty in West Virginia to bigamy, according to WOWK-TV, the CBS affiliate in Huntington, W. Va. He is expected to be sentenced in May.

According to court records, Norris married one woman in 1987 and then married another woman in Putnam County, West Virginia, in 2004.


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  • hckyplyr72 Apr 1, 2011

    So he is arrested but Sister Wives is a huge TV hit?????

  • ForHim Mar 31, 2011

    Yes wdwbmw, it is very sad. I was so hoping this would not make the local news. I am sure most of the "bashers" on here have personal things in their lives that would not want reported about on the news.

  • wdwbmw Mar 31, 2011

    Thanks for your comment, Forhim. We, too, have known this couple for a long time and find this just a very sad situation.

  • flemingjt Mar 31, 2011

    "marriage...the best 7 years you will ever have"....lol "two at one time"...??? The m'shine in WV must be some good stuff to even consider that one. In this case, maybe they just forgot to sign the papers for the first 7 year deal? Who knows....

  • SunnyNc35 Mar 31, 2011

    The punishment for bigamy: two mothers-in-law. =o)

  • tobywilliamson58 Mar 31, 2011

    I agree, one IS enough! WHEW!!

  • Stand-In-The-Door Mar 31, 2011

    One wife is enough for me.

  • Alexia.1 Mar 31, 2011

    "why cant anyone have more than one spouse?" --mep

    I believe the reason is that, well.. there would not be enough women to go around. Certain men would get a few and some would have to do without. This would cause a certain amount of tension in society.

    Another reason might be the religious influence we have in our country. That said, we are a country that will not allow the ten commandments to be posted in schools, so what does that say?

    Meanwhile, gay marriage is now acceptable in some places. I'm pretty sure that has no religious basis. And, it is not without contention.

    Another reason might be for the mental well-being of the men and women. I'm not sure a spouse could really put up with more than one spouse and stay sane :-)

    Actually, I suspect it's rooted in what society thinks is proper. It's the same issue with laws regarding homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, etc. And, over time, society changes its mind and so do laws.

  • ForHim Mar 31, 2011

    Just remember, the news media never tells the entire story. I know this man and his wife here in NC. Both are wonderful people. This has been settled between the two of them WAY before it ever made the news and it is none of our business.

  • RB-003 Mar 31, 2011

    Those poor women. Praying for them.