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Garner man accused of raping Raleigh woman

Posted July 31, 2011

— A Garner man is accused of breaking into a Raleigh woman's home and raping her, according to arrest warrants.

Police wrote in the warrants that Christopher Daniel Tedesco, 25, broke into the woman's home, held a knife at her throat and sexually assaulted her over the course of Friday and Saturday.

The warrants characterized the incident as domestic violence.

Tedesco was charged Saturday with two counts of second-degree rape and one count each of second-degree sexual offense, first-degree kidnapping, felony breaking and entering and misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon.

Tedesco was placed in the Wake County and denied bond under a 48-hour domestic violence hold. His first court appearance was set for Monday.

If he is allowed bond later, he is ordered to have no contact with the woman, according to court records.

Tedesco is the younger brother of Wake County school board member John Tedesco.


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  • Remy Aug 2, 2011

    Of course his brother's name was added to the story. Just like every other story where there is a recognizable relative in the public. No different here and shouldn't be any different.

  • Thought Criminal WS Aug 1, 2011

    Erinderr, I'm researching difference on 1st and 2nd degree ATM, but my thoughts were if he held her against her will with a weapon, it's 1st degree rape, because a rape occurred it's 1st degree kidnapping, and the "other" offenses I'm unsure about. I *don't* see assault on a female charged, and given the other charges you'd figure he assaulted her. Without that charge, it's a question of whether or not she consents. Add in the warrant describing this as domestic violence, and you wonder if this is how it reads.

    "....but don't you think it's a little heartless to automatically suggest that she's one of those types of women?"

    I'd think someone who was raped at knifepoint would call it 1st degree!!! That makes this read like two people behaving very nastily towards each other, and following through with the "I'll call the cops" and have you arrested threat.

    I could be wrong, but thats why I'm looking for more detail in the future.

  • changeyourownlife Aug 1, 2011


    not saying that i don't agree w/ the 'innocent 'til proven guilty' thing....but don't you think it's a little heartless to automatically suggest that she's one of those types of women? just bc it says domestic violence? and come on dude, if he did hold her in her home for 2 days and was 'sexually assaulting' her the entire time--do you really truly think theres a possibility rape wasn't involved? or are you looking for things to argue about?

  • corey3rd Aug 1, 2011

    is that mugshot of a man who is being wrongly charged with a crime? Would you want John Tedesco's brother as your neighbor when he makes bail? There is not a hint that this guy has been railroaded in his sneer.

    when does Art Pope bail him out?

  • changeyourownlife Aug 1, 2011


    there are also a lot of 'men' who abuse women and then say it was consensual

  • Thought Criminal WS Aug 1, 2011

    "all of you have completely ignored the fact that this guy terrorized some poor woman for TWO DAYS in her own home and raped her repeatedly..."

    Allegedly and accused. As it's a DV situation, she may have SAID that to have him arrested and detained as there doesn't need to be evidence aside from HER WORD to get that done. He's locked up on a 48 hour DV charge, doesn't say he's charged with rape - those hearings today to set bond.

    We'll see going forward but lets be real here, there's quite a few NC "ladies" who threaten thier partners with assault/abuse charges if they leave.

    Given this isn't the top story, I'd think more detail to come.

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Aug 1, 2011

    Why am I not surprised?

  • tcoutouzis Aug 1, 2011

    John is not responsible for his brothers decisions or actions as one person inferred below. His brother made this horrible decision of his own accord. Now he must face the consequences of this insidious act. That last sentence shouldn't be there in my opinion as it has nothing to do with what happened. I know I would be devastated if one of my brothers did something like that, so I would have to assume he is too.

  • changeyourownlife Aug 1, 2011

    yeah they're so desensitized by crime that everyone on here is more outraged by the fact that WRAL stated who this guys brother was rather than the fact that this man changed this poor woman's life forever....i mean can you imagine? while we were all tittering about our little rape-free lives over the weekend and complaining about everything trivial like how hot it was or the rain, this woman was being tortured in her own home...how can she ever feel safe alone again, or look at her personal possessions in that house again w/o remembering this guy, or even look at her own body...and you guys choose to pt your anger WRALs way

  • thinlady1 Aug 1, 2011

    well said .......bitsyfae1 well said