Garner highway route resurfaces in House

Posted January 30, 2013

— One of the first bills filed as the state House reconvened Wednesday for its 2013 session would resurrect the hated "red route" option for a highway through Garner.

Lawmakers two years ago approved legislation prohibiting the state Department of Transportation from including the red route in preliminary studies for the southeast extension of N.C. Highway 540. The route would cut through 13 Garner neighborhoods and the town's primary industrial recruitment area and town officials complained the threat of the highway was hurting them economically.

When the Federal Highway Administration threatened to withdraw funding for plans to extend N.C. 540 because of the law, area planners voted last month to ask the General Assembly to repeal the law. The Army Corps of Engineers requires that at least two proposed routes be studied before it will issue an environmental permit to allow highway construction to begin, and federal officials want to compile statistics on the impact each possible route would have on homes, businesses and the environment.

House Bill 10, which is co-sponsored by Wake County Republicans Paul Stam and Nelson Dollar, would strip the language from a bill authorizing planning on turnpike projects across the state that blocked consideration of any route north of a DOT protected corridor for the N.C. 540 extension.

"We need to get that study done and completed so we can end that foolishness of thinking about running a toll road through a city. The sooner we get started, the sooner we finish," Stam said.

"Nobody has any ill will toward Garner. We love Garner," he said. "We think this is actually the best thing for the people around Garner – to get this over and done with."

The highway would add to the Triangle Expressway toll road in southwest Wake County and complete the loop highway around the county.

Other early bills in the House included one to allow guns in restaurants, provide compensation to victims of the state's former forced sterilization program and require anyone under age 18 to obtain a physician's permission to go to a tanning salon. Also, three proposed constitutional amendments were filed.

Meanwhile, one of the first Senate bills filed would exempt North Carolina from some provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act, while another would increase penalties for drivers who pass stopped school buses.


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  • shaglady Feb 7, 2013

    It is juat "a study" people. We have over 20 acres in the corridor and pay property tax on 60. Get on with it...this "corridor blight" is killing us. It will never go through Garner it will cost too much.

  • oleguy Jan 31, 2013

    The only people with a good map, are the ones buying land up in strange places and patterns,,,I know people that paid 4 times the land value and bought property near I40,, Maps were off about a hundred feet,, They wound up with land locked property, still not used today,,,

  • oleguy Jan 31, 2013

    Dont have a dog in this fight,, But even money says they goina build a road thru Garner,, What a waste of property,,

  • Come On_Seriously Jan 31, 2013

    Perhaps the GA has learned something about their kneejerk conservative laws, now that they have to spend more time to correct their waste of time with the first legislation.

  • superman Jan 31, 2013

    Seems no one wants the new road. Just forget the new road and they can come and resurface our subdivisions 35 year old street.

  • junkmail5 Jan 31, 2013

    Just great. Now Bubba can go out and get just about as armed and drunk as he pleases.
    Sumo Vita

    No, he can't.

    He'd be violating the law if he drank alcohol while carrying. Just like right now under the current law.

    The point of the law is that he could carry his gun when he takes his family to Applebees.

    Right now, he CAN'T, because they happen to serve alcohol. Even if he's not buying any. Even if nobody at his entire table is buying any. He can't bring his gun with him even if NOBODY in the entire place is drinking- simply because they serve it there.

    So he'd have to leave it in the car, where it's more likely to be stolen, and where it does him no good if a crime happened in the restaurant.

  • snazzyone0 Jan 31, 2013

    Go to this link for the best detail map I have seen. It shows more properties are impacted than have been indicated in the news.

  • douglascarey Jan 31, 2013

    If they don't complete the loop the whole thing is a waste of time and money. And when the loop is complete, the entire thing should either have a toll or there should be no toll at all.

  • tar97heel Jan 30, 2013

    The lilac, orange and plum routes are the only ones that make sense. A bypass needs to go down near 42 and over to the 70 bypass or 40/42 interchange to be considered a true "bypass" around congested areas in the southern part of the triangle.

  • Cock a doodle doo Jan 30, 2013

    "We love Garner" - Stam

    Stam and Dollar loved Garner a lot more when they weren't in charge. Maybe they can call the new portion of 540 the "Nelson Dollar Tollway."

    Who wants to bet Skippy has got some kind of money coming to him somewhere?