Game review: Star Wars Destiny: Dice, cards and the force make exciting new gameplay

Posted November 9, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games is known for the quality and success of its card, dice and board games. It has published a number of excellent titles on themes in the Star Wars universe. Recently it announced the release of Star Wars Destiny, a collectible dice and card game of epic proportions.

First off, the game draws from the entire Star Wars universe, so gamers will see cards and dice featuring characters, vehicles, weapons and powers from all the movies, such as Count Dooku, Kylo Ren's lightsaber, the Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader and Jango Fett.

The game is split into two types of playable roles: heroes and villains. The two starter sets give gamers a choice between Kylo Ren and a First Order stormtrooper (villains) or Rey and Finn (heroes) as starting characters with accompanying cards and dice.

To win the game, a player must eliminate an opponent's characters or force him or her to get rid of all cards. Typically a game starts with a player controlling a couple of characters with dice and a 30-card deck versus another person with a similar setup.

The beautifully illustrated cards contain exciting Star Wars artwork and feature weapons, vehicles, force powers, events and all sorts of things from the world of Star Wars. Most cards require resources to play. They contain events that can alter the game and some cards add more dice to the game. For example, at the start of the game, Kylo Ren attacks with two dice. Find and add his light saber card and he gains an extra die every time he attacks.

Character cards depict life points, special powers and costs during deck construction. They also show what each side of an accompanying die can do so players always know the odds. Never tell me the odds.

On a player's turn, he or she can perform a single action among several choices, such as playing cards, rolling dice, resolving dice, re-rolling dice or activating cards. This game comes with so many wonderful and exciting options that it's mind-blowing.

Of course to win the game, a player must attack another player. For example, Elizabeth wants to attack a stormtrooper with her Rey character. She rolls all the dice associated with Rey and looks at the symbols rolled. On a following turn, she can activate all the dice in her dice pool with a similar symbol. Let's say Elizabeth rolls a total of five points' worth of melee attacks. On her next turn, she resolves those dice, inflicting five points on an opposing player's character of her choice: in this case a nasty stormtrooper. Kapow.

If that weren't enough, there is one more thing to consider. At the start of the game a battlefield is selected upon which the fantasy battle between players is taking place. The battlefield card can be claimed each turn by either player and grants a special power. Possession gives a player the power to break ties and gives first-action status each game round. It's an important card to control to gain victory.

The dice in the game are of the finest quality. Looking at a photo of these dice, one might be deceived by the dark side into thinking there are stickers on them. This is not true. The dice are plastic-injected with a smooth polish. The images on each side are heat-pressed on the plastic. And a scratch-resistant coating is applied to allow for continued use. It's true the dice do not come in every color under the sun; they were designed for gameplay, providing depth and character.

Star Wars Destiny is a fantastic collectible card and dice game for gamers and families. It can be a little complex, with so many options, and is recommended for ages 10 and up. Starter sets are $14.95 and booster packs cost $2.99.

Additional booster packs expand the game and contain five randomized cards and one die featuring events, upgrades, support and additional characters one can use to customize an army.

I was thoroughly impressed by the creative and exciting new gameplay. It truly is not like any of the other collectible games on the market because it's better, extremely well thought-out and intuitively designed. It is highly recommended.

The reviewer's 14-year-old daughter, Faith, played as Rey and Finn in one game and enjoyed her gaming experience. She said, "I loved playing the Star Wars Destiny game with my dad because it felt like I was actually Rey from the Star Wars movie. Over the game I collected BB-8, Rey's staff and a lightsaber. It was fun to build up my characters with new weapons and powers. My Rey character became so powerful, I was able to defeat my dad, playing Kylo Ren, in one turn. I would definitely recommend this game because it is fun, interactive and makes you feel a part of the Star Wars universe."

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