Game review: Knit Wit: A clever word game of quick thinking and cunning placement

Posted April 26, 2016

In the party game Knit Wit by Z-Man Games, two to eight players strive to think of words as fast as they can based on a few descriptive clues. Can a player name something old, red and mechanical? It sounds easy but it all depends on the presentation.

To begin, a player takes a colored loop of heavy thread attached to a similar-colored clothesline clip and places it on the table in a loop. He or she then attaches a descriptive word from the game box to the clothesline clip. For example, the orange thread is played and the word "lame" is attached. A player then takes an empty spool of thread and places it within the loop. The spool has a number on it from one to eight.

The next player places a loop of colored thread on the table, attaches a word and places a spool of thread inside any loop formed on the table without a spool already. As play continues a spool may be inside several loops of thread.

The table eventually becomes a spaghetti-like jumble of threads and spools in various colors. For example, spool three may be surrounded by white and blue thread while spool four is surrounded by red, green, blue, white and orange. When placement is complete a player says go and the word game begins.

The goal is to look at a spool of thread with a number on it and see which threads surround it. Using the words associated with the different colors of threads surrounding a spool, a player writes down a word associated with the clues. For example, spool number one is surrounded by blue, green and red threads. Those threads are associated with the words "useful," "bitter" and "green." A player quickly writes down the word "pickle" and moves on to spool two.

When players are done writing a word for each spool, a player grabs a bonus button numbered one to four (counted as bonus points to the end score). When the buttons are gone, the game ends. Players then compare words for each spool. They score a number of points equal to how many threads surrounded the spool. But players only score a word if no one else came up with it. In the example above, the word "pickle" would score three points if no other player wrote it down.

If fellow players want to, they can challenge another player's word and a quick vote is taken with a majority-rules decision. This can be aggravating as some players take liberty with their answers and others are very strict.

Knit Wit plays similar to the game Scattergories but is different because of the placement of the threads and spools. It looks great on a table and people will be drawn to it, wanting to know what is being played. It plays quickly, in about 15 minutes, but additional rounds can be played if all players agree. Find out more at Z-Man Games.



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