Game review: Junk Art requires balance and creativity to be victorious

Posted August 27, 2016

In Junk Art by Pretzel Games and F2Z Entertainment, players compete to stack various shapes of wood into one structure without letting pieces fall to the table. Each city on the world tour has different requirements. Earn the most fans to win.

For those curious about what kind of game Junk Art is, the game can be classified as a "dexterity" game. That means players will need a fair amount of manual dexterity to play. Each round, players will be stacking and balancing wooden pieces by building their own unique structures. It accommodates from two to six players and lasts about 30 minutes.

The first thing to notice about the game Junk Art is the colorful, sturdy wooden box it comes in. Inside the box, gamers will find more than 60 big, colorful wooden pieces of various shapes and sizes. The components are durable and of exceptional quality. This is a game that will last for a long time.

To start the game, each player receives one wooden base block. Each player places his base in his own play area on the table. The rest of the pieces, fan tokens and a tape measure are placed nearby. Three cards are drawn from a stack of world tour city cards to determine which cities will be visited during the game.

The city cards are a unique and clever aspect of this game. As players stop in each city on their world tour, they will be subject to different rules when building their junk art masterpieces. This adds great variety and replayability. It's never the same game twice.

For example, in Tokyo, players compete to have the tallest structure possible, but in Philadelphia, players compete to be the last one standing as pieces fall to the table. There are 12 cities in the box, but remember, only three are used each game.

A set of Junk Art cards is used throughout the game depicting all the pieces available to build with. These cards are used in each city to help determine which pieces a player must build with. For example, in Monaco, each player is given 10 Junk Art cards. When one player shouts "Go!" all players quickly flip over their first card, locate that piece on the table, and place it in their play area according to the rules. Then it's on to the next card until a player completes all 10 of his or her cards.

Fans are represented by small wooden discs in the game. They are counted as points, so players are busy trying to collect fans and have the most by the end of the game. Each city has its own requirements to gather fans. For example, in the city of Amsterdam, the player with the tallest structure at the end of the round is awarded three fans.

It's safe to say that Junk Art will appeal to a variety of gamers. Its unique mechanisms give players a different and savory flavor of game that is unlike anything else on the market. The game is excellent for families. The cost is pricey at $69, but this game will last forever. This game is highly recommended.



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