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Gambling bust nets eight arrests

Posted August 27, 2010

— The Mount Olive Police Department and agents with the state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement arrested eight people in Seven Springs Thursday afternoon on violations of the state gambling laws.

Authorities seized $23,700 in cash and a poker table, cards and chips from 2169 Pine View Cemetery Road.

ALE Director John Ledford said "multiple complaints" about illegal gambling prompted the investigation.

“High-stakes card games like this one are illegal in the state,” Ledford said in a statement.

Kay D. Smith, Harold Newcomb, Frankie S. Walker, Edward E. Walters, Prentice J. Newsome, John W. Smith, Ernest L. Vinson and Robert H. Davenport Jr. were charged in the case.


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  • itom68 Aug 27, 2010


    ~good~ job cops

  • oleguy Aug 27, 2010

    Someone I knew once ran a little 1.00$ poker game on weekends.. His shop was burned down.
    Wanta know who turned this bunch in. Look no futher than a wife or mother trying to protect their own.
    23,000 bucks is more than a sml. game

  • Whatever Geez Aug 27, 2010

    Although I had video taped evidence proving my innocence, I was falsely charged and convicted AND lost my job as a bartender because of their corruption. Also

    no offense....but um...it must have been something else if you were proven innocent..

  • Flingpooatyou Aug 27, 2010

    NCGUY-Big deal! the ALE is an over bloated department!

    I can't agree more, but I can throw a word in your description: over bloated CORRUPTED department. Although I had video taped evidence proving my innocence, I was falsely charged and convicted AND lost my job as a bartender because of their corruption.
    Also,when the state banned internet cafe AKA "video poker" venues, did they really think the so called gambling would stop? They only forced us into the privacy of our own homes! And now that they're cracking down on that, I bet they still expect "gambling" to cease.Sorry to burst your bible belt bubble ALE, but there are and always will be ways for us to "gamble": Casino boats that leave from NC docks, international websites like "Poker Stars", "Full Tilt Poker", etc; or we North Carolinians can take our money to other states that allow gambling and support their economies.
    In other words you're fighting a losing battle, all the while wasting tax payer's money. AKA MY MONEY!

  • sniperdiver Aug 27, 2010

    Guess their game was a little more than the stakes found at most peoples Friday Night Poker Night at the dinner table. Good Job to the cops at the bust.

  • davidgnews Aug 27, 2010

    The lottery is a sham, and if REAL gambling were allowed in this state, you'd have less cases like this one in the article. You would probably have a much better and more reliable revenue stream as well. People that have the money will spend the money.

    The state is WRONG to be in the vice business in the first place.

  • gammasandi Aug 27, 2010

    is this the best these keystone cops can do? how about some real "law enforcement" or hang up the holster!!!!!

  • knownasthatguy Aug 27, 2010

    The point is this, what right does the state have to say how we spend our money in the privacy in our own home; as long as it does not put anyone at danger, crimes against humanity, or actions that lead the cause of death of another?

    They received their payment (taxes) when our paychecks were taxed. Where is is it written that we have to answer to them for doing what ever we please with that which we earn through our own labors, after all taxes and payments due have been been paid?

    It's easy to take that which you didn't earn it suppose.

  • katzpauz Aug 27, 2010

    So, we have murders, drug-dealing, breaking and enterings, theft, etc. and the State is after a few people sitting around and gambling with their own money?! I don't get it?! Hell, I go to a convient store and buy a lottery ticket to "gamble." OH, I know, that is "legal." I'm tired of my hard earned money going to taxes to be p!ssed away by this State.

  • ncguy Aug 27, 2010

    Big deal!

    the ALE is an over bloated department!