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Fuquay-Varina woman finds dynamite in basement

Posted August 30, 2011

— A Fuquay-Varina woman made an explosive discovery in her basement Tuesday afternoon.

A maintenance man doing work at the woman's home on Ballard Road found a stick of dynamite and box of blasting caps in the basement. Harnett County authorities said the explosives had been there at least a decade.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was called in to dispose of it.

The homeowner, who is elderly, was taken out of the home until the scene has been cleared by authorities. No one else in the neighborhood was evacuated.

No other information was released and no charges were expected.


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  • EverythingTicksMeOff Aug 31, 2011

    shadow, explosives are not something you can just go buy and store at your house. So, yes, this potentially could have been someone illegally in possession of explosives.

  • The Fox Aug 31, 2011

    [I was wondering about that stuff sweating, too--is it nitroglycerin that sweats out?]Modern explosives are stable and don't sweat like the early stuff. I worked in mining and reopened a lot of old mines. Occasionaly we would find old crystalized sticks lying about. Tread lightly.

  • wildcat Aug 31, 2011

    Who put the dynamite in the basement?

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Aug 31, 2011

    @udoowutchyalike, the gov’t saved this woman. They helped evacuate her safely, assessed and addressed the situation, removed the explosive material without any damage to her home or possessions and then notified the public to increase awareness.

    And, if it could be proven that someone illegally obtained dynamite, wouldn’t you expect that person to at least be charged with something?

  • shadow315 Aug 31, 2011

    ATF called in? To remove a stick of dynamite? Like Wayneboyd said this used to be an everyday tool, is this outlawed now or something? I don't understand.

  • curiousgeorgia Aug 31, 2011

    Hi, Warbirdlover, I was wondering about that stuff sweating, too--is it nitroglycerin that sweats out?

    I am grateful she came to no harm!

  • johnstonredneck Aug 31, 2011

    With something like that in the house, she doesn't need a security system. All she needs is a little longer fuse and a match:-)

  • wayneboyd Aug 31, 2011

    davisgw..I remember my dad kept it on hand most of my young life. I was blasting stumps in tobacco plant beds with it when I was somewhere around 14 years old. We also kept a 25 pound keg of black powder to use in a metal blasting wedge used to split large pieces of wood.
    Today these everyday tool would be labeled potential terroist weapons.
    Wonder if this might change if the governments of the world would stop and realize that if they would stick to governing their people instead of trying to rule over them they might eliminate their living in fear.

  • udoowutchyalike Aug 31, 2011

    I'm sure since the gov't is involved they will find something to charge her with!

  • Aug 30, 2011

    Ballard road has a few homes on it I think she'll be ok.