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Fuquay-Varina mother, daughter arrested after feud

Posted November 30, 2008
Updated December 1, 2008

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— A mother and her teenage daughter were arrested Sunday following a family feud.

Tammy Harris, 38, is accused of assaulting her daughter at their Baytree Street home in Fuquay-Varina. Harris attacked Ashley Malpass, 17, because Malpass was beating up her brother, police said.

Malpass was also charged with assault for allegedly choking and slapping her brother, whose age was unavailable.

Harris was out on bond, and Malpass was being held Sunday evening at the Wake County Jail on $500 bond. 


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  • Eduardo1 Dec 1, 2008

    Harris-Malpass? Is there a father figure in all of this. From the limited coverage of this incident, it sounds like mom was protecting the boy, age or medical condition unknown of him. Any alcohol or drugs involved? Off course as usual, the mug photos certainly do not show the possible good side of either of these felons. Hopefully an upgrade on this story, will give us some real good investigative insight to comment on

  • clickclackity2 Dec 1, 2008

    Rev. RB - aka SpiritWarriorWoman - Maybe the mother is where the daughter learned violence from in the first place.

    Maybe not. There are plenty of children out there who grew up in respectable homes and raised by decent parents, only to turn around and the parents and siblings become abused and terrified of their own children. As the other part of my comment stated, I need more information, neither of us posting comments have enough information to fully assess the situation.

  • UR1-N-ONLY Dec 1, 2008

    Dr. Dataclerk u can say whatever it is u like. Ur kids might go to church, even love each other and still fight! U can't honestly think that we can believe that ur children has never had a fight. How can u say the mother abused her child by stopping her for BEATING on her brother. If u condone this behavior from a child then what type of parenting r u doing??????

  • Adelinthe Dec 1, 2008

    clickclackity2 - "So far, I'm with the mother for giving her daughter a taste of her own medicine."

    Maybe the mother is where the daughter learned violence from in the first place.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe Dec 1, 2008

    ContinuityMan - "This is such a non-story, I won't post a comment on it."

    Then you wasted our time with your drivel. sigh

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe Dec 1, 2008

    The violence in the mother taught violence to the children.

    What goes around comes around.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

    Praying for these children.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • 2kidz1hub Dec 1, 2008

    "More kids should start calling the police like this young lady did. Maybe then all parents would not be abusing their underage children." Dr. Dataclerk

    OK -- I have read the article twice!! Where does it say the daughter called the cops? Is that an assumption? Maybe with all the "ruckus" a neighbor called----maybe the brother was so badly beaten, the mother called----maybe the brother called himself?!?!

  • whatusay Dec 1, 2008

    "Thanks WRAL for bringing us this news of where a parent was abusing her child and the child called police. Maybe one day parents will stop abusing their children and authority. Parents should love their children. After all it was the parents decision to bring the children in this world. Now parents should take care of them and love them also. DrDataclerk"...Where in this article does it say the child called the police? Are you trying to be "Nancy Grace" and convict someone before the trial, or the facts come out?

  • whatusay Dec 1, 2008

    Where in this article does it say this girl called the police?
    DrDataclerk says the girl called the police to get even with her mother.

  • clickclackity2 Dec 1, 2008

    I could imagine the type of behavior and language the 17 year old engages in. I'd like to hear more on the story before I post another comment. So far, I'm with the mother for giving her daughter a taste of her own medicine.