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Fuquay-Varina man, woman charged in armed robberies

Posted September 16, 2010
Updated September 17, 2010

— A man and woman from Fuquay-Varina have been charged in connection with armed robberies at a bank, grocery store, hotel and fast-food restaurant.

Naquan McClain, 24, of 514 Smithwood St., faces three counts of armed robbery, and Shannon Bostic, 24, of 614 Quail Hill St., faces two counts of armed robbery.

Police investigators said that they linked McClain and Bostic to the Wednesday robbery of a Wachovia bank, 135 N. Main St.; Sept. 6 robbery of a Food Lion store, 3417 N. Main St.; and a Sept. 11 robbery of a Burger King restaurant in Holly Springs.

Police said they also linked McClain to the Aug. 22 robbery of a Holiday Inn in Fuquay-Varina.

McClain was released from prison on July 11 after serving more than four years for two 2006 convictions for armed robbery, state Department of Correction records show.

An undisclosed amount of money has been recovered from the Wachovia robbery, police said.

Anyone with information about the case was asked to call Detective Wayne Sorensen at 919-552-1424 or Detective Jeff Wenhart at 919-753-1006.


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  • lucrestoneil241 Sep 17, 2010

    It's funny how ppl comment on things when you dont knw the whole story, this man got released from prison and looked for a job and everyone gave him the-run-around he did everything the right way until he got to the point when he just couldn't take the pressure anymore he is not an animal he is very sweet he mad a dumb choice to choose prison over his 4 year old son and his beautiful hard working fiance now he has to go many more years without his son, which he has been in his life for 3months, and deal with his guilt wat a waste of life family is way more important than losing your freedom, he did somtething his family didnt agree with and has broken many hearts, with a name like his, meaning "leader" he didn't set a good example now he gotta deal with the punishment but this is wat money do to many ppl and it's a well learned lesson to some money is power to some but it is evil to me now im alone again raising his son i will be fine, i just had to say that reading these hurtful comme

  • working for deadbeats Sep 16, 2010

    "more Prisons is not the answer, Education, more Teachers would help alot." uptop

    I noticed you didn't mention parents.... They are very overrated these days.

  • UPTOP Sep 16, 2010

    Kilnntime: Do you honestly think the money sent to Afrca is going to solve the crime here? more Prisons is not the answer, Education, more Teachers would help alot. You properly want more Jails and prisons, as long as it's not near you !!

  • CEBNJ1976 Sep 16, 2010

    Wow I really can't believe that this guy started again after being out of prison less then 30 days... He put innocent lives in his hands yesterday and during everyone of these robberies... He's not God and he shouldn't have that power... I say armed robbery might as well be considered attempted murder, since you never know what could happen when a gun gets involved... Life Sentence without parole...

  • Vietnam Vet Sep 16, 2010

    Pulling all those robberies and then just hangin' around the neighborhood with lots of extra cash??? Not terribly bright...
    Some more folks that we, the taxpayers, will have to support in prison. Only thing is...with the bank it's a federal crime! Oh good they'll get to go to one of the federal "country clubs". Let's send them to that sheriff with the tent prison instead.
    Someone posted about the cost of prison. If we follow that sheriff's example: what does a few thousand tents and some tall fencing cost? Should be fairly cheap in comparison to a brick and mortar prison... There's a lot of desert land available to use as a site.

  • working for deadbeats Sep 16, 2010

    "With a name like that the only avenue of employment open to him is robbery"

    Do your kids a favor and don't put "quan" in their name.

  • kilnntime Sep 16, 2010

    Ok first off if we would stop spending millions of dollars (stimulus money spent) to teach africans in africa how to wash their privates after sex (250million) then perhaps we would have money to build a prison or two, how much are prisons these days, plus think of the jobs that would create, far more than private part washing in Africa I would bet. This is one wasteful spending there are thousands of them, incase your wondering why the stimulus did not work.

  • kilnntime Sep 16, 2010

    So happy they were caught and now hopefully they will each get a nice long stay at the prison once again paid for by the taxpayers of NC. With him since we already know he has only been out of jail what a few months, perhaps next time they could just throw that key away and save us all a whole lot of future problems.

  • babedan Sep 16, 2010

    Problem, is too many people are saying these prisoners "Rights" are being violated if we don't give them TV, AC, Make them work, Don't give them weights to get stronger, etc, etc, etc. Well, I think our founding fathers had in mind was if you commit a crime, you no longer have the same rights as the law abiding citizens. It's it amazing the framers of our constitutation did not think Hanging an individual was cruel and unusual punishment. Nor doing it in public was cruel. A beheading was considered proper along with a firing squad. In fact there were times when an individual who was hung would kick for up to an hour before he died. That is why a Judge would sentence them to hang by the neck until they died. I say make them live without AC, make them work for their meals, If they want to eat they pay for thier food. Make it very uncomfortable so if they do get out they won't want to go back. That is how Jails should work.

  • WakeCountyRedNeck Sep 16, 2010

    Was at the Burger King drive-thru just before 'The Hamburglar' robbed it on Sunday afternoon. "Give me all your cash and a Whopper with cheese!"