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Fuquay-Varina coach arrested for alleged sex acts with student

Posted March 22, 2010
Updated March 23, 2010

— Fuquay-Varina police on Monday charged a former girl’s basketball coach with three counts of sexual activity with a student.

Police say Mardy Lee Cutchin, 37, of 1104 Squire Ridge Drive, engaged in sexual activity with a 16-year-old student at Fuquay-Varina High School.  

Cutchin coached the girls' basketball team at the school and taught physical education at Fuquay-Varina Middle School.

He was suspended with pay from both roles on Feb. 11 after school officials became aware of the allegations.

Police seized two cell phones, a laptop, a desktop computer and a rifle from Cutchin's home on Feb. 19 while investigating the claims.

Prosecutors said Tuesday that Cutchin sent the student 4,000 text messages saying that he was "obsessing" about her. Prosecutors sought to raise the original bond of $100,000, arguing that Cutchin has "not been cooperative at all" and the activity between Cutchin and the student was prolonged.

Cutchin's attorney, Bill Young, said his client has called investigators, but they have not returned those calls. Cutchin, a married father, has worked for three school systems, Young said.

A judge lowered Cutchin's bond to $60,000 on Tuesday and ordered him not to have any contact with the student or her family. He is also prohibited from being on school grounds or having contact with anyone under 18 years old except his children.

Cutchin's next court date is April 13.


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  • wbshattuck Mar 24, 2010

    As to why his rifle was taken, on most all charges involving sex offenses, whether it be domestic or otherwise all firearms in the suspects domecile will be confiscated until the case is settled.

  • this is fdup Mar 23, 2010

    4000 texts?

  • Eduardo1 Mar 23, 2010

    another situation of being tried in the media.

    We are the same as those in the OXBOW Incident

  • Eduardo1 Mar 23, 2010

    gandalla.Only if he does for the Judge, what the female teachers DO!
    chargernot69NO! They are to arrogant. Also they have there brain below the waist instead of on the top of there shoulders

  • busterbluth Mar 23, 2010

    for those that doubted me when i first commented about it.

    "I told you so"

  • Eduardo1 Mar 23, 2010

    Why was the amount changed from $100,000 to 60,000?

  • OrdinaryCitizen Mar 23, 2010

    "He was suspended with pay"

    If found guilty then he should have to pay it back.

  • KevInApex Mar 23, 2010


    College is a completely different situation. The issue in my view is adult men coaching young girls(HS or less not women in college). As I said in my earlier statement, most of the coaches are good men such as dad's with daughter's on the team, but even a few bad apples is a serious thing in my view.

    I don't claim to know all the facts in this case, and have awknowledged that the man may be innocent. There have just been enough of these situations where the changes are true that we have to consider how to prevent these sort of things from happening at all.

  • KevInApex Mar 23, 2010

    KikiNC, whether or not the problem is now worse then 10 years ago, or simply more reported doesn't matter I suppose. I think it clearly something that must be monitored more closely.

    More than likely the overwelming majority of adult males that coach girls teams are not a problem, but there should never be a situation where it can even be suggested that some kind of improper conduct between coach and player occurs. With all of the ways to connect now(Facebook, texting..) it is almost impossible to prevent. Making the penalties more severe for those convited is the best deterrent.

  • 19tarheel75 Mar 23, 2010

    The question "why do grown men coach girls sports?" has absolutely NOTHING to do with this story. Look at UCONNs girls coach. He must be really good since they havent lost a game in two years. And what about the girls soccer coach at UNC who's wom more National Championships than anyone in NCAA history. And at the HS amd MS level it's certainly not the pay. Many times it's on a volunteer level. It's because they love the sport and love teaching young people how to be their very best not only on the court or playing field but in the classroom as well. And, what about all the Dad's that have helped with their daughter's teams. It's disgusting what some of you people think without knowing ALL the facts.