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Fresh coat of paint chafes neighbors of Raleigh mural

Posted July 17, 2013

— When CityGate Real Estate owner Doro Taylor bought a 107-year-old building on the corner of Peace Street and Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, she gave the exterior brick a good power washing and a fresh coat of paint. But some neighbors don't like the clean new look, saying it compromises the integrity and historic feel of the neighborhood. 

That's because Taylor's building face lift covered up a mural that many residents say defined the Glenwood Brooklyn area. 

"It was a beautiful mural of a porch swing, and I think it was indicative of what the neighborhood feels like – it's calm,  it's quiet, it's safe," said Rachel Kincaid, president of the neighborhood association. "It's a sign of Raleigh and, I think, it's a welcome to Glenwood South."

Mural Raleigh building owner covers mural, riling neighbors

Taylor, however, said paint on the mural was chipping and that it needed upkeep.

"It was flaking off," she said. "I can't let the mortar and the building degrade to the point where it will fail."

Both sides said they're willing to discuss a new mural on the building, and Taylor has even offered to chip in on expenses.

"I'm happy for them to use it as a canvas," she said.  


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  • bizarro Jul 23, 2013

    That is not a calm, quiet, safe neighborhood by any means.

  • firefalcon100 Jul 19, 2013

    i agree with sherlock, it is her building now and if it is going to cost HER to upkeep the mural then it's an expense that she doesn't have to pay. Yeah, it's sad that it is gone, but things change, it's a sign of the times.

  • A person Jul 19, 2013

    Maybe the residents that wanted thr moral to stay should have bought the building then

  • Sherlock Jul 19, 2013

    This is her building, the neighbors did not pay for it so it is not their business and they need to stay out of it. However if the want they should have paid for the building!

  • woodrock223 Jul 19, 2013

    some folks just have to have something to whine about

  • JAT Jul 19, 2013

    Why do these neighbors think it's any of their business? Some people just think they have alot more control or influence than they do and that people really care about their opinions. Is this all they really have to worry about?

  • sprice7 Jul 19, 2013

    I noticed the mural was gone recently, but it pales in comparison to the eyesore LED screens in the front window of that place.

  • Gunny the Racist Jul 19, 2013

    I think the complainers need to let me come paint the side of their place! Send me an email with your address...

  • commonsense4 Jul 19, 2013

    "saying it compromises the integrity and historic feel of the neighborhood. "

    Sure it looked nice, but it is his building. Get over yourselves.

  • dmj Jul 19, 2013

    I can't even believe this was on the news.