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Fremont Man Arrested for Rape of Child

Posted March 12, 2008

— The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office arrested Victor Alfonso Espino-Alferos, 17, for the rape of a 12-year-old girl Tuesday.

Espino-Alferos, of 180 Peacock St. in Fremont, is alleged to have sexually assaulted a family friend. He is being held on $500,000 bond.


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  • justwondering2 Mar 14, 2008

    He does look older than 17. He prob has a fake ID that says he is 17 and I would have to wonder if the has given his correct name. At any rate 12yrs is too young. She may be filled out but emotionally the child is 12.

  • muier Mar 14, 2008

    i know the mom her name messlia and she take the 12 yr old girl to the nite club in smithfield

  • GulfWarVet Mar 14, 2008

    ame5986, he should have looked for someone between 16-21... and left the 2x4s at the lumberyard.

  • imback Mar 14, 2008

    " know this man personally. He is no interest in a child. He has a little girl himself. The child's mother was jealous because he wouldn't sleep with her. The 12-year old is sexually active and denies anything happened. The mother is the one who pushed for charges because he wouldn't have anything to do with him. So please don't be judgemental before you know the whole story."

    And we should believe you because why?

  • BeachBum08 Mar 14, 2008

    GulfWarVet- I AGREE definately too young, but in NC the law is that 16 is the legal age BUT with only a 5 year difference..so how would that work b/c he was 17 he just went 5 years younger than older!

  • muier Mar 14, 2008

    fool he 20 and going to 21

  • AM is Back to Being Immaculate Mar 14, 2008

    Not to be sarcastic but i've seen some 12 yr old girls that could give grown women a run for their money!

  • My-Humble-Opinion2 Mar 14, 2008

    He is 17 and already has a kid? Sounds like a winner to me. Maybe someone should teach him how to play Monopoly or something.

  • iamforjustice Mar 14, 2008

    just wonder how many people on here are perfect and could throw that first stone.

    Well that is just about every GOLOer on here. Well except me of course.

  • GulfWarVet Mar 14, 2008

    "...this guy could be innocent. I mean if he is 17 and she 12 its only five years. " - jlh4jdj

    Should I also pick the apple blossoms from the trees and make an apple 'blossom' pie? Too young is TOO young.