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Franklin Hospital Plans to Appeal State's Ruling

Posted July 26, 2007

— Franklin Regional Medical Center officials announced Thursday that they plan to appeal a state ruling that denied their request to move the facility.

Hospital administrators wanted to move from their 8-acre site on U.S. Highway 401 in Louisburg and build a new facility on a 50-acre plant near Highways 1 and 96 in Youngsville.

Officials said the move was necessary to update their facilities and handle the area's growing population.

According to town councilman Boyd Sturges, the state Division of Health Service Regulation informed Louisburg's attorneys of its decision Wednesday afternoon.


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  • gopanthers Jul 27, 2007

    Article in the N and O on April 20th stated that Wake Med back then opposed the re-location of the Hosptial Move from Louisburg to Youngsville. See how much clout Wake-Med has on this. Look what's happening and the states position on the matter.

  • clift002 Jul 27, 2007

    I have lived near Louisburg most of my life and have found the location of the hospital very convenient. I agree that the Med Center could use improvement, but moving all of it away from its present location would jepordize the emergency care that so many senoir citizens in nearby retirement homes need. I would be in favor of them leaving a good emergency department at the present location and building the new facility at the new location that they wnat to go to. It is my understanding that this is not an option that the company will entertain. One of the biggest problems with the present facility is their billing department. Almost every time I have dealings with this department they can't seem to get the bills correct the first time. They need to straighten this out first and then think building of a new facility.

  • heelsfan17 Jul 26, 2007

    I agree with Arkansas Razorback. Franklin Regional has much bigger problems to worry about than their location.

    msodrgnking: I live in southern Franklin Co. not too far from Five County Stadium (Mudcats). It takes at least 50 minutes to drive from my house to Henderson and that's on a day when you don't get behind a slow tractor on Hwy. 39 between Bunn and Louisburg. Since the 264/64 Bypass has been completed, I can get to WakeMed in about the same time that it takes to get to Franklin Regional. Even if the facility moves to Youngsville, I'll still go to WakeMed.

  • Darren Jul 26, 2007

    I think you're all missing the elephant in the room here (except Wake1). FRMC is a private business. Why should the state have any say as to how that business is run or where it is located? This should never happen in a free society. There's nothing special about health care (despite many people's emotional attitudes about it) that makes it okay for the government to regulate--especially to the point of requiring a hospital to GET PERMISSION to relocate. The sad thing is that this debate shouldn't even be happening, because we shouldn't live under a system that places these kinds of restrictions on individuals and their businesses. Just think about how you would feel if you invested time and money and energy in starting a hospital because you saw a market for the services and wanted to facilitate a voluntary exchange of value for value (money for services), and the state came in and hindered you.

  • Wake1 Jul 26, 2007

    Bottom line - if the company that owns Franklin Regional continues to lose money, they will probably eventually have to close the doors & then there will be nothing! Everybody wants excellent care, but many don't & won't pay a dime for the care they receive. Hospitals have to be creative & innovative in order to pay the bills. I'm not a big fan of a big chain running hospitals, but they should be able to cover the expenses of taking care of all their patients they serve.

  • gopanthers Jul 26, 2007

    Here's a thought and I think it's been said earlier. Take half the money and upgrade the Hospital in Louisburg and take the other half and build on off site location (smaller then proposed) in Youngsville and we can all go home for the day. See how easy that was. LOL

  • Lookelou Jul 26, 2007

    This thing is all about politics. If you think about it, it takes 20-30 minutes to get to North WakeMed and 30-40 minutes to get to WakeMed from Youngsville and also 30 minutes to get to Louisburg. Either way patients fromm different parts of Franklin County have a long drive to medical care. When the hospitals in Rocky Mount closed and Nash General opened it was way out in the boonies. Now Nash is centrally located and I haven't heard of untold numbers of people dying because there were no longer hospitals in old central Rocky Mount. It's called progress and change people. Do not be frightened, it will all work out. Maybe the new WakeMed helicopter ambulance will improve the survival statistics for all.

  • ladyblue Jul 26, 2007

    Henderson has gotten so developed it will take 20 minutes now to get from the outskirts of Henderson to the hospital. Besides I don't think Henderson could handle all the overflow because they handle a lot of Granville, Warren, Franklinand some of Vance, some Rocky Mt. and Rapids people who don't go to South Hill and a lot of Mecklenburg VA people.

  • ladyblue Jul 26, 2007

    Mr Gup[-They don't know where it is located if they say say Youngesville is halfway between Franklinton and Louisburg That one cracked me. Franklin is halfway between Louisburg and Youngsville my dear. My God White Level, it would take you an hour to get to the Henderson Hospital. These people are use to city and suburb life. They don't know what it's like to have your closest neighbor 3-5 miles away before you see another house. Nope if your grandma lives in Rocky ford then she'll never make it to Henderson. In fact Wake Med will be just as close cutting through the woods. Drive faster too on higway # 1. I don't know if the state will let them move it until they finish their conditional obligations. That was the reason they didn't close it in 90's because the state said it was needed there for all the small town and one horse stops in the area. For the person saying you can get to henderson from anywhere in Franklin county is incorrect.

  • msodrgnking Jul 26, 2007

    justice slosh white level centervile rocky ford ingelside LOL been there done that