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Franklin County Weeds out Drugs

Posted June 7, 2007

— Nearly two dozen people are in jail thanks to an ongoing operation to weed out drugs.

Since February, Franklin County agents have conducted an undercover drug operation. So far, 150 criminal drug charges have been brought against 43 people.

Officers credit the help of the community for the sting.

Investigators said they believe people are getting more comfortable with telling officers about criminal activity.


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  • killing_me_softly Jun 8, 2007

    I love how these headlines read....

  • thegreatsilly1 Jun 8, 2007

    another place to catch the crackheads is the hotel on us 1 between Franklinton and Kitrell and all the carwashes in Franklinton on us 1. Better bring your gun to wash your car!

  • 68_polara Jun 8, 2007

    I wish they would crack down on the amount of Drugs here in Durham. It would really reduce the violent crime because the violent crime here in this town is almost always some how related to Drugs. It's a shame.

  • john283594 Jun 8, 2007

    Yes and because of the failed war on drugs we now have a larger percentage of our population in prison than ANY other country, even China! Welcome to the land of the Free. ;)

  • tbajr Jun 8, 2007

    Government created the criminal element when they put a
    prohibition on drugs, same as the alcohol prohibition. Want to
    blame someone for the robberies, turf war, murders, caused by
    the drug war? Go to the source - the one's who created it.!!

  • ltbarkley Jun 8, 2007

    I wonder if they were going after real drugs or pot.

  • Eldergeek Jun 8, 2007

    I live in Granville County, with a Franklinton address. It's no secret that Granville County also has real drug problems, but it is not because of poor law enforcement in either county. We have good, hard warking officeers in both counties who are doing the best they can to get the trash off the street, only to sit and watch liberal judges turn the scum loose. We have a judicial system that is increasingly controlled by the population of the current jails and prison systems. If the prisons are over-crowded, the thugs are allowed to sue the state or federal government for being "inhumane." While it is true that we need more jail and prison cells, it is more true that the rights of prisoners need to be curbed. How concerned are these people about humane behavior when they are out selling drugs to children, robbing and beating elderly people, and raping women who are just trying to get across a parking lot to their cars after work? I still believe in "Shake and Bake" punishement.

  • Historians_7th Jun 8, 2007

    "Franklin County weeds out drugs" Does this mean they are pulling weeds or smoking them ?

  • tbajr Jun 8, 2007

    A continual story of the big "Drug Hoax" sponsered by the
    gov't to get into taxpayers pockets, so they can expand,
    control, victimize, and eat away at our rights, while the big
    drug companies sell their poison to the very ones who call for
    drug enforcement. "My people are destroyed for lack of

  • Arkansas Razorback Jun 8, 2007

    I am shocked WRAL acknowledged that Franklin County exists.