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Franklin County residents told to boil water

Posted September 20, 2010

— Franklin County officials on Monday issued a boil-water advisory after bacteria was found in the county's water system.

Total coliform bacteria was detected in samples collected from the Franklin County Public Utilities system. Coliforms are bacteria that are naturally present in the environment and are generally not harmful, but they are an indicator that potentially harmful bacteria may be present.

Several water samples taken in recent days have tested negative for bacteria, officials said, but they want residents to boil water used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth and making ice until more tests can be completed Monday.

Vigorous boiling for one minute should kill any disease-causing organisms that might be present in the water, officials said.

Customers on municipal water systems in Louisburg and Franklinton aren't affected by the boil advisory, officials said.


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  • ArkAngels Sep 20, 2010

    hill4, anyone on a well should not be affected unless they eat at a restaurant that is in the county that uses county water, which should be just about anywhere you eat.

  • hill4 Sep 20, 2010

    If you have a well would will still be effected?

  • mrsgaskill Sep 20, 2010

    thank you for the website busyb97! I had checked that earlier today and it wasn't there. I again have to ask...how long ago did they find these samples if they samples they have collected in the past few days have come back negative? Shouldn't they have put the boil water advisory out when the samples tested positive????

  • davidgnews Sep 20, 2010

    Infrastructure issues ? That is going to become a nationwide epidemic before things really get fixed (if they do at all). A bridge here, a water system there, a gas line somewhere else, and that could spell job opportunity in a proactive sense.

    Unfortunately, most utilities tend to squander resources in the name of 'shareholder value.' They usually never upgrade much of anything until something's out of control, then hit you with another rate increase.

    No wonder T. Boone Pickens has been buying water rights as fast as he can.

  • busyb97 Sep 20, 2010

    I'd check out this site- they have a PDF News brief for the issue along the right of the page ("Total Coli Form Bacteria Advisory"), along with contact details. So if you are in Franklin County- that's where I'd start:

  • wildcat Sep 20, 2010

    I still would not want to drink or cook with the water after boiling. JUST BUY YOUR WATER TO BE SAFE.

  • mrsgaskill Sep 20, 2010

    so if the water samples in recent days tested negative - how long ago did the samples come back positive?

  • Nanny113 Sep 20, 2010

    It says the County Water system so I would suspect it means the entire county.

  • imnotsayinimjustsayin Sep 20, 2010

    Can you be a bit more specific? What areas of Franklin County does this affect?