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Franklin Academy employee charged with embezzlement

Posted September 22, 2011
Updated November 12, 2013

— An employee of Franklin Academy in Wake Forest faces accusations that he stole computers from the school and tried to sell them on the Craigslist website, according to search warrants.

Stephen B. Johnson, 26, of 1127 Thornrose Way in Wake Forest, was charged Monday with one count of embezzlement.

Officials of the charter school noticed Monday that an Apple Macbook was missing, and an employee found a listing on Craigslist for the Apple, authorities stated in the warrants. When contacted, the seller sent a serial number that matched with the missing computer.

On Tuesday, school officials noticed an HP Compaq computer was missing.

Johnson turned over one computer to authorities on Monday, and investigators  found the other computer during a search of Johnson's home Tuesday evening, the warrants state.


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  • jgrosnik Sep 26, 2011

    haha hewas one of myu teachers...

  • bombayrunner Sep 22, 2011

    Could just see him thinking .. they will never look on CL because I'm smarter then they are!

  • maz6123 Sep 22, 2011

    Good job by whoever found the item. It is common for stolen merchandise to be found on CL, but it is just starting to become common to check for stolen items there. Good for them.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Sep 22, 2011

    Judging from his mug shot, if he winds up with even a little jail time he's going to be more popular than he could have ever imagined. Bet he'll never steal another laptop.

  • mistressingrid Sep 22, 2011

    He was an IT Assistant. I guess nobody would've thought anything of him taking computers out of the building. I would think the security cameras would have also captured this.

  • bombayrunner Sep 22, 2011

    Not sure whats the problem with my post. Was it because I pointed at the schools hiring of a person with so little scruples?

  • OncomingStorm Sep 22, 2011

    I have a friend with years of experience as an IT guy with a local law firm who'd jump at the chance to take this fellow's job! It's a shame that Mr. Johnson thought to gain wealth illegally, but he is an aberration and with the economy as it is he can be easily replaced. I imagine he'll understand that fact very soon...

  • Brogden Sep 22, 2011

    What was this man's position at the school? May explain how he had access to these computers and was able to get them out of the building.

  • wildcat Sep 22, 2011

    One year in prison would do the deed. He knew better.

  • somey Sep 22, 2011

    Smooth Stephen! Who would of ever thought to check CL.