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Fox TV service

Posted December 31, 2009
Updated January 1, 2010

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable and the Fox television network are in negotiations over fees. It is possible that some Fox-owned channels could be pulled from TWC's service if an agreement is not reached to replace a contract, which was scheduled to expire at midnight Dec. 31, 2009.

UPDATE: TWC and Fox have extended their contract into Friday morning. There are currently no service interruptions.

Locally, these channels would not be affected by the negotiations and would stay on the air.

  • FOX 50
  • FOX New
  • FOX Biz
  • FOX Movie
  • FSN Carolinas

These channels could be interrupted.

  • Food Network
  • Fox Reality Channel
  • Fox Soccer Channel
  • Fox Sports World Espanol
  • Fuel
  • FX
  • Great American Country
  • Speed Channel

A TWC Web site lets viewers see which of their local channels could be affected by service interruptions.


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  • Red Dec 31, 2009

    TWC will raise the rates regardless of any new agreement. They're just trying to make Fox look like the bad guy.

  • Made In USA Dec 31, 2009

    This won't affect me. I can't afford them cable channels. All I have is basic cable. When that goes up, I'll go back to my homemade antenna that Brian Shrader posted the diagram on how to build it.

  • mpheels Dec 31, 2009

    TWC should send customers itemized lists of the rates for each channel including a break down of the monthly payment by station. That way we can judge for ourselves which channels cost too much. I'm sure their contracts have nondisclosure clauses, so this will never happen... Al la carte cable can't get here soon enough.

  • Tin Nutt Dec 31, 2009

    Competition is coming from the phone company - att u-verse, so maybe this will be my chance to give twc the boot!

  • DominicanNC Dec 31, 2009

    That's too bad, I was hoping to watch the 24hrs of Lemans, the American Lemans series and motorcycle racing.

  • JMHO Dec 31, 2009

    Ya know what? TWC can do what they want....personally, I don't care since I've canceled my service. I find that I really don't miss it. I can watch about anything on the network sites and Hulu. Cancel your service, turn off your sets, and live your lives!!

  • rand321 Dec 31, 2009

    good riddance to fox. i rather lose them than pay more money.

  • Moto69 Dec 31, 2009

    I'll be seriously peeved if I lose Speed TV. I watch a lot of motorcycle racing and it's practically the only channel that carries it. Not to mention the only reason I ever bought the digital tier to begin with. Lucky me as I just opted for the 2 year contract with TWC too...

  • cary1969 Dec 31, 2009

    TWC doesn't want to increase the cost to the customer on this issue. really TWC?..you sent me a letter on your increased rates just last month. you even raised the cost of the remote control unit and basic broadcast cable all before this matter with FOX broke. your statement "due to the continued rising costs, prices for some services will increase on your next bill"

  • gandalla Dec 31, 2009

    I'm suprised the justice department or the fcc isnt looking into this. Rupert owns news corp which owns century 21 which is the fox channels, his news corp also owns directv. So if he fails to reach an agreement with TWC they dont show his channels and the customers get mad and either jump to directv or dish, sounds pretty shaddy to me.