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Four Rocky Mount women sentenced in tax-fraud case

Posted January 19, 2009

— Four Rocky Mount women who worked for a tax service were sentenced Monday for their roles in an a 2004 case in which they made false claims to the Internal Revenue Service.

All four women pleaded guilty in September to conspiring to defraud the government and to filing false claims for work from January to April 2004 at Independent Tax Service. According to federal prosecutors, the women inflated wages and withholdings and listed false dependents on tax forms and sold fraudulent information to some clients so they would qualify for a larger refund.

Pamela D. Evans, 33, received 15 months in prison followed by three years of supervised relief. She must also pay $40,041 in restitution. Bertha Battle, 28, also received 15 months’ imprisonment and three years of probation and must pay $19,019 in restitution. Tasha Battle, 28, was sentenced to 180 days of house arrest and three years of supervised probation. Gwendolyn P. Evans, 49, was sentenced to a month in prison, followed by 150 days of house arrest and supervised probation. Tasha Battle must also pay $1,883 in restitution, and Evans must pay $7,549.


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  • whatelseisnew Jan 20, 2009

    We need to get after Congress to change the laws. If it is a mistake, where you underpaid a bit, no penalties or interest should be applied. You should have at least 30 days to pay any taxes that were underpaid due to an honest mistake. If a crime is involved, whole different treatment, fines, penalties and jail time should be applied. And it should be applied to all people, especially people like the soon to be new Sec of Treasury. Sounds to me like he should be looking at criminal charges.

  • Eduardo1 Jan 20, 2009

    caveman, you are right on the button. Not only did he not pay, but was notified about his "human mistake" and it was not until he was vettered did he pay up. But don't worry, he is only going to be our next "Secretary of the Treasury" How about the incoming Chief of Staff, with his dealing with Gov Blago, or Gov Richardson who just backed out (how come) Hey Prez Obama, is this the change you PROMISED us about how things are done in Washington. Not only do you have a lot od dirty Clinton people on staff, but Freddie & Fannie dirt bags Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and others are still in key positions and dirty laundry Chas Rangles, Ethics Chairman, who-ha!

  • familyfour Jan 20, 2009

    coolwill..doesn't add up....even if someone works under a fake id and number...those taxes are collected by the employer and remitted to the irs....now whether or not they actually file a return is another story..

    ...this is about real citizens doing real crime...in real life....really.....

  • coolwill Jan 20, 2009

    What about the illegal aliens, they are quick to fine and imprison a American, however they fall to look into the fake social security cards, fake id, people getting paid under the table. In other words if you came to this country illegal, you are allowed to rob this county blind. You are reassured that legal American should know better, with one exception, Wall Street and our banks.

  • bluewind Jan 19, 2009

    What next!!!

  • MizzZeta Jan 19, 2009

    This type of fraud is a lot more common than people realize. I've known people who "sell" their children's info to the highest bidder. Wow...

  • Caveman93 Jan 19, 2009

    Geitner owed his back taxes for how long and didn't pay them!??

  • Go Georgia Tech Jan 19, 2009

    Another fine example of what Rocky Mount has for its citizens. Man I really hate this city.

  • RonnieR Jan 19, 2009

    15 months in prison followed by three years of supervised RELIEF.
    Looks as if it would be better to let her relieve herself whle in prison, rather than a get a large case of constipation. :-)

  • r u crazy too Jan 19, 2009

    Seems to me like if my accountant was coming up short every year, I'd either find me a new accountant or pay a little more eah year. Those penalties will kill you.