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Teen in critical condition after shooting at Rocky Mount basketball court

Posted January 28, 2014

— A 12-year-old was in critical condition Tuesday after he and three others were shot on a Rocky Mount basketball court.

Four teens, the 12-year-old was the youngest, were shot on the court behind Word Tabernacle Church on Edwards Street at about 6 p.m. Monday evening, police said.

The other victims, ages 13, 17 and 19, were treated for minor injuries and released Monday night from Nash General Hospital.

Police had only a vague description of the shooter, whom they said ran to a light blue, small SUV parked nearby and fled the scene.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Rocky Mount Police Department at 252-972-1411 or Twin County Crime Stoppers at 252-977-1111. Tips can be texted to RMPOL (76765). Include the word "crimes" in the message.

The church held a community information session and prayer vigil Tuesday at noon, and was planning a public forum on gun and gang violence and other related issues. That forum has yet to be scheduled.

In a statement, church leaders said the teens were not church members, but that the public courts were provided as a safe place to play for for the community.

"It is regrettable to us as a faith community that this trust has been violated. We are actively ministering to every family involved and are continuing to work closely with these families, law enforcement and city officials," the church's statement said.


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  • halfpint1552 Jan 29, 2014

    Prime example of the craziness of Rocky Mount. I can't wait to move!

  • dwr1964 Jan 29, 2014

    justabumer Jan 28, 3:13 p.m.

    It probably isn't relevant but, for the sake of accuracy, I would point out that a twelve-year-old isn't a teen. So it was three teenagers and a youth who were involved.

    Why exactly, did you feel the need to be technical? The point of this story was to emphasize that 4 children were shot and one of them is in critical condition. Attempting to make a mockery of this article shows your lack of concern, along with your plight to make yourself feel superior.

  • justabumer Jan 28, 2014

    It probably isn't relevant but, for the sake of accuracy, I would point out that a twelve-year-old isn't a teen. So it was three teenagers and a youth who were involved.

  • whaaaat Jan 28, 2014

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    I'm sure they didn't, it wasn't even a good joke. Dont give up your day job.

  • abwhite88 Jan 28, 2014

    Truly pathetic and mind boggling.

  • one_2 Jan 28, 2014

    WDC1987, I fail to see ANY HUMOR in ANY child being shot. Are you kidding????!!! THanks so much for showing your sensitivity. I hope neither you nor your family ever has to deal with anything like this, or God forbid your child(ren). Are u still "chuckling"???

  • disgusted2010 Jan 28, 2014

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    It would violate their liberal bias. They would rather blame it on guns. Heaven forbid WRAL could report news rather than trying to make news and push their agenda.

  • anonamous Jan 28, 2014

    As someone born-n-raised and living in the Rocky Mount area - I am just so saddened. But I'm more upset that our community is killing its youth and nobody here wants to do anything about it. Not the police - who REFUSE to admit there are gangs in the area. Not the neighbors who witness these things but don't trust anyone, including the cops, to turn in these child killers. When is it going to stop?

  • BeastieBoy Jan 28, 2014

    Unfortunately, for (most, not all) blacks, it will be a race issue. As a non-Hispanic Caucasian (white), why is it my fault blacks feel so oppressed and underprivileged? Actually, I'm an Appalachian American which is another way of saying, "Hillbilly" of which I am very proud. Rocky Mount is hardly a violent, inner-city environment like unto South Chicago or Detroit but it is, in its own right a violent environment but does offer an entry-level learning opportunity for wanna-be gang-bangers.

  • Shuffles24 Jan 28, 2014

    When are we going to start addressing the fact that it's not only gang violence, but it's mainly black on black violence in these inner-cities? The media is so scared to mention anything about race, which is part of the reason why we aren't solving any problems, because it is mainly one-sided racially with violent crimes.