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Four Oaks man charged in road rage shooting

Posted March 12, 2012
Updated March 13, 2012

— A 22-year-old Four Oaks man has been charged in what authorities are calling a case of road rage after he allegedly fired a gun at another driver last week.

Branden Laquinn Williams was being held in the Johnston County jail Monday under a $60,000 bond on one count of discharging a weapon into occupied property.

The other driver, Brandon Caldwell, was not injured, and authorities said they believe the shooting was a random act.

Caldwell was sideswiped by a passing car on Booker Dairy Road near Smithfield-Selma High School on Thursday, authorities said. He began to follow the other car, and eventually, the other driver fired several shots at Caldwell's vehicle.

Caldwell's vehicle was eventually disabled on U.S. Highway 301 in Selma, but he got the license plate number of the other vehicle, which led authorities to a home on Allen Street in Four Oaks. Williams was arrested at the home.


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  • fayncmike Mar 14, 2012

    The way NC people drive, I'm not surprised that there aren't dozens of shootings every day. The local drivers couldn't even get a learner's permit anywhere else.

  • turbo08 Mar 13, 2012

    As far as the Klan chasing down Blacks on the Hwy, maybe you should sit down and ask some of the old folks about that.-bubba

    Exactly, the old folks. Not the young folks, but the older generations This involved two younger generations males. How many young KKK members do you see chasing down black men today? Your logic still makes no sense.

  • bubbba Mar 13, 2012

    A lot of ignorance in your comment.
    March 13, 2012 9:36 a.m.
    I started out with my first post by saying I was only playing Devils advocate. No doubt about the Klan activity in Johnston Co. whether it be Four Oaks or Smithfield. I remember the old Klan sign in Smithfield and I do have a 8 MM video I have saved for years. No sense in calling names, although your entitled to post anything here you want. My mother was Black and dad white. I have experienced both sides of racism in my life. Be nice if we could all learn racism works both ways. Again only to suggest there is always two sides to every story. Didnt mean to step on your toes. As far as the Klan chasing down Blacks on the Hwy, maybe you should sit down and ask some of the old folks about that. I bet you can even do any internet search and see somethings on the web currently from both races that turn your stomach. I know this is not and never will be Utopia. But I and others "have a dream".

  • turbo08 Mar 13, 2012

    Bubba- Yea and I'm sure Mr. Williams side swiped Mr. Caldwells car only because he was being chased by a gang of drunks in pick ups with shotguns.

    A lot of ignorance in your comment.

  • Life-goes-on. Mar 13, 2012

    I didn't see where WRAL reported if the shooter had a permit for his gun. It doesn't matter either way when the gun fires but it matters in the court of public opinion of how law abiding gun carrying citizens are viewed.
    Guess another lunatic with a gun makes a better story and promotes the logic that anyone with a gun is dangerous.

  • farm Mar 13, 2012

    bubba, please tell me which police dept in Johnston Co. is corrupt. The incident happened in Smithfield not Four Oaks. The shooter was from Four Oaks. I have lived in the areas for over 35 years and have never seen a Klansman, seen a Klan rally or heard of the Klan chasing people down the highway.

  • not my real name Mar 13, 2012

    What about hit and run? Leaving the scene? Possession of a firearm by a felon? Assuming he is a felon is not that big a stretch since he will be soon. Was he drunk when he sideswiped the car and just kept going or what? He probably had a car full of drugs or something or else he would have stopped.

  • bubbba Mar 13, 2012

    @ bubba, I doubt the shooter wad a licensed gun owner. If he was responsible enough to own a firearm license, he would be also responsible enough to not fire on a person who he sideswiped.
    March 12, 2012 7:55 p.m.
    I didnt say he was licensed. I said this kind of thing gives licensed gun owners a bad name. Also, if this happened anywhere but Johnston Co., one of the most corrupt police depts in NC, I would be a little more alarmed. But Johnston Co. is historically the home of the Klan in NC. You can bet your bottom dollar it is still alive and practicing around Four Oaks.
    Was this black on black, or a scared young black man trying to flee a threat. Who knows what happened at the initial car accident.
    Unless someone saw the incident, it is his word against the other. I say let the court decided the guilty. And yes anytime you fire a gun at another person it should only be in self-defense.

  • reel4fun Mar 13, 2012

    There is no licening of guns in NC......but this guy commits one felony but hitting the victim and running.....then another by shooting into his car.......and you nitwits out there blame the guy that was following him.......I would guess that most of you that feel that way also voted for our current clown as well.

  • AmericanSwede Mar 13, 2012

    Really? Do we have to bring politics into road rage?