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Four Oaks infant injured; father charged

Posted April 26, 2011

— A 19-year-old Johnston County man has been charged after his 2-month-old son suffered severe head injuries, authorities said Tuesday.

Favian Zapata, of Four Oaks, was charged with felony child abuse. He was being held in the Johnston County jail under a $60,000 bond.

Authorities said Zapata and the baby's mother took him to Johnston Medical Center on April 15, claiming that Zapata had accidentally dropped the child.

The baby suffered multiple skull fractures, and doctors told investigators that the injuries weren't consistent with a fall, authorities said.


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  • Stringbean Apr 28, 2011

    Well said Evidence Is Everywhere !!! Ty for your comment.

  • Evidence Is Everywhere Apr 28, 2011

    musicangel2005- While I truly believe in my heart that you want to see the best in your friend and believe in whatever "accident" he is telling you happened, let someone in the medical field help you understand something that can never be disputed:

    Unless the accident was that:

    1. He dropped his baby from the balcony.
    2. Didn't meant to hit the baby's head against a solid object with tremendous force multiple times. Or...
    3. The baby was hit by 3 baseballs at a New York Yankee game.

    These are MULTIPLE skull fractures. This is difficult to achieve. (not that it should be a goal...)The baby's skull is flexible still because it hasn't fused together like an adult skull. This is no accident.

    It is intentional. Whether a moment of frustration, lack of anger control, immaturity or poor coping skills...he repeatedly fractured this baby's skull. Period. Evidence in the medical field doesn't lie.

  • Stringbean Apr 27, 2011

    doctors told investigators that the injuries weren't consistent with a fall, authorities said....

  • Stringbean Apr 27, 2011

    "accident is an accident! " This is just what it is --- > felony child abuse.This was not an "accident" a accident is when i forget to let the dog in... an accident is when you back your car into someones mail box. You dont get multiple skull fractures for simply droping a baby . My god the baby was only 2 months old.

  • musicangel2005 Apr 27, 2011

    Rockermom next time read the comment correctly. I said I personally know him, but since others don't then they could look at a glimpse of how he felt about his son on Facebook. And his only mistake was not knowing what to do after this unfortunate accident. It was not malicious or intentional in any way. An accident is an accident!

  • jennylock2004 Apr 27, 2011

    Two months...WOW! poor little baby! and i hope the mother isnt covering up for him. if so, she doesnt deserve having that baby either. hope he will be punished appropriately!!!

  • Rockermom Apr 27, 2011

    Facebook status makes him a good father? Really? Education needs to start with PREVENTION of pregnancy, then family education.

  • OBX4us Apr 27, 2011

    Two months old or any age.. despicable!

  • musicangel2005 Apr 26, 2011

    Excuse me bigal, that is extremely racist. Just because he is Hispanic you are assuming that he is illegal. Fact to be known, he is a born us citizen. It's people's comments like this that make this world a sad place. May GOD bless you and open your eyes to help you see your ignorance.

  • bigal02282 Apr 26, 2011

    Who does he work for? They should be responsible for the medical bills associated with the hospital stay and any other costs. It's time the businesses that bring in people to work cheap start having to foot the bill for all of their public expenses.