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Four Injured After Ambulance, Jeep Crash

Posted June 21, 2007
Updated June 22, 2007

— Four people were injured Thursday night, one seriously, when a Benson ambulance and Jeep crashed on northbound Highway 50 near Five Points Road.

Ambulance driver Glenn Twigg suffered the most serious injuries. He was listed in serious condition at Pitt Memorial Thursday but was upgraded to good condition Friday, according to officials.

The ambulance was heading to a fire when it tried to pass the Jeep. The Jeep was turning left into a driveway and the two crashed, officials said.

Twigg and another person in the ambulance were injured, along with two people in the Jeep.

A series of brushfires was sparked by a train south of Benson near U.S. Highway 301, authorities said. The train's brakes overheated, throwing sparks into brush near the railroad tracks and starting 10 to 15 fires, authorities said.

No charges have been filed in the collision, and the investigation is ongoing.


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  • svaraj38758 Jun 22, 2007


    According to one of the local newspapers, the driver of the Jeep has been charged with a safe movement violation. The investigating trooper states that it was unclear if the ambulance was being operated with full lights and siren at the time of the accident, however the ambulance had begun a pass in a legal passing zone. For this reason, the Jeep driver should have yielded the right of way. The driver said she did not see the ambulance and only heard a horn at the time of impact and saw it in the rear-view while turning. The pic that accompanied the story shows the truck and it does not appear the lights were activated. So, the fact that it was an ambulance had nothing to do with the ticket.

  • RN-EMTP Jun 22, 2007

    Just able to read all comments. Felt the need to point out that WakeMed (also a Level 1 Trauma Center like Duke, UNC, and Pitt) was right down the road. Can't fault the transporting EMS unit though since they are encouraged to transport to the local facility (first went to JMH) even if it is not the most appropriate.

  • mramorak Jun 22, 2007


  • Johnny Da Lounge Jun 22, 2007

    It all depends on the situation. I'm all for getting out of the way for emergency vehicles, but, was the ambulance coming from behind him? From in front? How fast was it going? Any emergency vehicles should, also, make sure that others see them. I know, sometimes you can't focus on everything, all the time. It's just the way it is, right or wrong. It's the responibility of all drivers, to maintain their own control. If someone else doesn't move the way you expect, it is up to you to react approprietly, unless someone causes you to lose your control. Drive safely, and hopefully others will accomodate you.

  • Firesafety103 Jun 22, 2007

    It is bad when anyone is injured like this and my prayers go out to all invloved. However, was it really that urgent that the ambulance get there in such a hurry? (it was a woods fire) I have been in the fire service for 20yrs and in our county the ambulance does not respond with the FD's unless it is a structure type call. I do know counties that send EMS on everything and in my opinion it is a waste of time and money for them to be doing this. If Benson is like most counties they have a paid EMS unit close by....so when the FD gets on the scene and needs them then they could be there in a matter of minutes. Maybe it is time for them to look at how they respond to fire calls!! This accident should have never happen

  • wolfmandan Jun 22, 2007

    My thoughts and prayers to Glenn..Hope he recovers soon..

  • jckn Jun 22, 2007

    I guess no one has heard of Emergency Vechicles have the right a way. Why was the Jeep turning when they should of pulled to the right instead of the left. Just because it was a brush fire don't you think that maybe perhaps firefighters would be trying to put out the fire with turnout gear on. And that makes it very important to have rescue on location.

    my prayers for all involved.

  • jafo Jun 22, 2007

    Oh, my bad. I didn't realize are you serious was someone's screen name.

  • ckennon24 Jun 22, 2007

    My brother was the driver of the ambulance and is currently in Pitt Memorial. Can everyone please stop the arguing over all of this. The most important thing here is that BOTH parties are recovering. Let's not worry so much over who was at fault right now. It was an accident and something that everyone can learn from.
    Thanks again for those who are praying for my brother's recovery.

  • packandcanesfan Jun 22, 2007

    are you serious...if the jeep was already in the process of turning then the ambulance driver was in the wrong. a little common sense please.


    The common sense here should have been used by the Jeep driver. When you see an emergency vehicle approaching, slow and get off on the right side of the road. They probably didn't want to be bothered with so just continued on and caused the accident. And my guess is they didn't use a signal. A lot of people don't. And I am sure that they were not in the middle of the turn when the ambulance tried to pass.

    CKENNON24: glad your brother is doing better. :)