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Four charged with vandalizing Cary parks

Posted October 16, 2008

— Police have arrested four men with vandalizing four Cary parks and other structures around town.

Lucas Barfield,16, of 104 Cougar Court, Kyle Desern,18, of 511 Holtz Lane, Adam Gallion,18, of 1113 Castalia Drive, and Michael McHenry, 17, of 730 Linda Court, have been charged with damage to real property.

Trashcans, benches, walls and bathroom stalls at Fred G. Bond Metro Park, R.S. Dunham Park, Lexie Lane Park and Robert V. Godbold Park were spray-painted between May 3 and Oct. 3, police said. The damage totaled $1,895.

A bridge wall near the U.S. Highway 1 pedestrian bridge, bathroom walls at the Burger King on Ryan Road, utility boxes in the 1100 block of Executive Circle and the 300 block of South Walker Street and the roadway along Mosswood Lane also were vandalized, police said.

Police said the four men charged are believed to be members of the All City Kings, a group that tags, or spray-paints, structures. Police said they don't believe the group’s work is gang-affiliated.

“We take these types of crimes very seriously and hope that teachers, parents and teen peers will help get that word out as we work hard to keep crimes like these from escalating into more serious issues for our community,” Sgt. Toni Dezomits of the Cary Police Department said in a statement.


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  • x0ilovesisco0x Oct 17, 2008

    6 years, and things do change and the only persons i disagree with are the ones who blame the parents. plain and simple. i have my opninons and others have theirs.

  • Snow whites poisoned Apple Oct 17, 2008

    i was afraid to vandalize anything growing up, my parents told me if I broke the law I would have to sit in jail til the judge let me go, no bond

  • 10-39 Oct 16, 2008

    And how many years ago did that incident happen? Lots of things can change... still I think you are making a bigger deal of two officers coming. Also depending on which kid is your brother, he may be able to over power an officer. Plus in general if the police are planning to search part of the house, you want two officers there anyway for the fact of accountability and safety.

  • lucasbarfield Oct 16, 2008

    I feel like i messed up, wow. is it really necessary to attempt to humiliate the parents of these children. My parents now feel like they made a bad decision when raising me, when in fact they probably did a better job than any of the other parents posting on here. Yeah I messed up, but don't let the sins of the son fall upon the father and mother. They didn't draw on the walls. What of all the people watching the news thinking, wow those kids parents must've been horrible. They really aren't, they're wonderful people. I made the decision, I face the consequences. so to all of you people saying "oh they must have horrible parents" you just need to understand they had no say in this... it was the crowd i was around, not my parent's lack of good parenting. I'm willing to do community service or whatever to get this expunged, but my parents will never live this down. That really hurts me... but it hurts them 20 fold.

  • 10-39 Oct 16, 2008

    Yes it is against the law... but WRAL will not put a picture up of every person charged with DUI. Simply for the fact that it will not "sell" ie a lot of people are not interested in seeing a pic of a person that is just charged with DUI. Also, because this is in the Town of Cary it automatically becomes bigger news... because most people have the impression that crime dose not happen here, which is not true. Crime dose happen here, just at a lower rate than other areas. The same crimes happen here that happen in Durham, just not as often.

  • x0ilovesisco0x Oct 16, 2008

    and for your information, the cops have been to that house before, when I was 13 and the repair man tried to kiss me, was his face and or address posted on the Internet to protect others? no and another thing you wont hear about is that he was later arrested for second degree rape. of all things that go on in cary, vandalism deserves a public record?

  • x0ilovesisco0x Oct 16, 2008

    the point is, its against the law. and its a harm to public safety shouldnt something that is harmful to the public be made as a public record?

  • 10-39 Oct 16, 2008

    The likely reason for two cops and two cop cars is because in that type of situation with the officers are going into a house they have never been in, and don't really know the people who live there, they have more than one officer go out. It is for their safety, not to make a bigger scene or anything. How would seeing a photo of a person charged with DUI aid you in avoiding them at night?

  • x0ilovesisco0x Oct 16, 2008

    i agree with you. but the news bout that is, why would it take 2 cops and 2 cop cars to arrest a teenage boy for drawing where he wasnt supposed to? talk about embarassment for that mother. it was not her fault and not a result of bad parenting. thats my only disagreement with anyone comments. not disagreeing with you about your opinions but do you see pictures of the teenagers with duis? shouldnt we know who they are soo we aviod them a night? or wat about the speeders? should we know who they are so we can be aware of the people driving around us? or how about when your child is suspendin from school for cussin out a teacher should we be able to see the face and adress of this hostile teenager? all im sayin is its no ones busniess as to where these teenagers live or wat they look like. 2 of these guys are minors therefore it is illegal to disclose that info. i agree with you 10-39 i hope they change, being a sister of one of them trust me..we dont want anymore neg publicity.

  • 10-39 Oct 16, 2008

    Also, their names, photos and addresses being put in the story is a matter of public record.