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Four charged with shooting out car windows

Posted March 31, 2011
Updated April 1, 2011

— Police on Thursday charged four people with shooting out the windows of numerous cars across Raleigh this week.

Laine Worth Stover, 18, Eric Schiffmiller Frender, 19, Anthony Spencer Krautwald, 18, and Robert Mackenzie Rabon, 19, were each charged with several counts of injury to personal property and conspiracy to commit injury to property.

Police said windows to cars in the Hickory Hills, Eastgate, Quail Hollow, Hedingham, Falls River and Woodbridge neighborhoods were shot out with pellet guns overnight on Tuesday and Wednesday. More people reported about similar damages on Thursday, too.

Investigators said they believe other people whose cars were damaged haven't come forward yet. They asked anyone who believes their car windows were shot out late Tuesday or Wednesday to call the Raleigh Police Department at 919-996-3335.


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  • gunny462 Apr 1, 2011

    Two of my neighbors had their windows shot out Wed/thur. I hope all four of these upstanding gentlemen have to pay resitution, get jail time and community service.

  • rahrah439 Apr 1, 2011

    At that time at night they should have been home. I don't understand why people do what they do. I hate it for the people that had to miss work, put money out for them being stupid. I am just glad no one got hurt. I just hope they pay for what they did.

  • Skywatch_NC Apr 1, 2011

    Some of these vandalisms occurred in the Wakefield area where I live. A great relief for everyone that these four punks have been apprehended! Some jail time + community service + being grounded would be a great punishment!

  • melboyette Apr 1, 2011

    My family was also the victim of these teens. Woke up Wed. morning to a whole in the window of my husband's truck that shattered all over my 10 yo daughter when he shut the door. Missed work, kids late for school, money out of our pocket to pay for replacement, and of course our time. So glad they caught these boys. Hoping they pay for what they did!

  • Viewer Apr 1, 2011

    "If they got their "hind parts" torn up today it would be "child abuse" That's what is wrong with most kids today."

    I don't know anything about the upbringing of these 3. But some of the kids I went to school with who "got their "hind parts" torn up" were the guys who became the troublemakers.

  • davidbh61255 Apr 1, 2011

    At the very least they should not be allowed to play with pellet guns or go to the mall for 2 weeks!!

  • Killian Mar 31, 2011

    averageeverydaysanepsycho - I applaud your taste in music, but raising amazing kids is absolutely possible with consistency, discipline, and respect, WITHOUT hitting them. It takes dedication and diligence, but there are better ways.

  • miseem Mar 31, 2011

    Like a previous poster mentioned, let's get some mug shots up there. Make their family and friends proud that they made it on the news.

  • puggybelle Mar 31, 2011

    Six months in boot camp sounds appropriate to me!

  • 007 - GranCo - Forever Mar 31, 2011

    Child abuse for tearing their tails up? Probably, under the letter of the law. I did warn mine that when they called 911, take a wild guess at WHO the cops will take from the house.

    I agree Nancy.

    As far as playing with a pellet/BB gun at 19? Mine knew about weapons at a far younger age and thus far no playful accidents.