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Four charged in fatal Nash County drive-by shooting

Posted February 11, 2013

— Three men and one woman were charged Monday in a fatal drive-by shooting in Middlesex last week, according to the Nash County Sheriff's Office. 

Portia Hinnant, 41, was hit by a bullet inside her home on Old Middlesex Road Thursday night. She died at the scene.

Investigators believe Hinnant's home was targeted because of a dispute between her son, Burnice Antwon Hinnant, and her nephew, Charles Stanley Hinnant Jr., 19.

Charles Hinnant, Dominique Jerrod Brown, 21,  Anna Perry, 17, and Adrian Marquis Joyner, 18, all of Bailey, each face charges of face first-degree murder, felony conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and discharging a weapon into occupied property inflicting serious bodily injury.

All four were placed in the Nash County jail without bond. They are due in court Tuesday.

Burnice Hinnant was charged with first-degree murder in September after Jayquan Taybron was fatally shot in Bailey. It's unclear whether the two crimes are related.


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  • liquidaddiction1 Feb 13, 2013

    Jimmytwotimes, I can assure you that Anna's dad probably never gave her any good advice... In fact he was probably encouraging the friendship/relationship because it meant more money in his pocket for his prescription drug dealership... She has not had a good role model since her mom died and she went to live with her dad. Guess it shows also... He has 2 daughters... One was in a car accident while a drug deal went bad and now his youngest is heading to prison. I think all involved should go to jail. I would have Snitched also..... Anna is my cousin and speak from experience. The solutions arent in gun control, it starts with good parenting and and stop sparing the rod.... Beat these kids if they need it and stop with your time outs and letting things go. If Anna's dad had of had that kind of treatment then he would have set a better example and maybe this could have been avoided!!!!!! Talk to someone who doesnt know!!!!!!!!

  • paultaylorsr100 Feb 11, 2013

    Repects to the deceased's family. If gun control had been in effect this would not have happened. (Yeah-right!!!)

  • driverkid3 Feb 11, 2013

    NashCountyNative:::I taught two of the suspects in middle school and the sad thing is...that they have the ability to be so much more than this....but they have thrown it all away.

    The might have had the ability, but I bet dollars to donuts, they didn't have the support at home. You teachers can only do so much.

  • rargos Feb 11, 2013

    One of the suspects was charged with first degree murder last year and is still walking around shooting at people 4 months later.

    Our criminal justice system is a joke. I used to say that you had to kill someone before the system actually tried to put you away ... now it appears you have to kill at least TWO people ...

    But let's first concentrate on banning guns rather than locking up dangerous people like these.

  • bevknight23 Feb 11, 2013

    I want the death penalty for anyone involved in the murder of another. Want them to have a speedy, but fair trial, if guilty, they should be put to death within 3 years after their verdict. Stop wasting my taxdollars on these bums!!

  • sunshine1040 Feb 11, 2013

    Keep the cowards locked up WHY cowards They don't even have the courage to face their victims before firing Too bad they have never heard or seen another way of settling differences such as talking or even a one on one fist fight where somebody might end up with a bloody nose but all would be able to walk away

  • jmrado47 Feb 11, 2013

    I am sure these miscreants have a criminal record as long as their arm. They are probably repeat offenders and should be permanently removed from the streets. North Carolina needs to pass the two strikes law which is on the books in Georgia. Also there should be the stop and frisk law such as the one in NYC. Contact Governor McCrory to demand a tougher stance against crime.

  • debnamdavis Feb 11, 2013

    May God Bless all families involved. Its just bad all the way around.

  • debnamdavis Feb 11, 2013

    Violence is not the answer.

  • streetglide Feb 11, 2013

    so true lumberman, I just find it so hard that our criminal justice system does not see it,, they run um through the courts and then just deal with the next case, put thier results on to others to deal with,, " not my job". Attitude. I guess they feel like I do,, same thing I see in the news everyday, and the beat goes on,, make more money at crime than you can a honest job,, "if you can find one other than Wal-MArt or MacDonalds