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Four Black Friday shoppers injured in wreck

Posted November 26, 2010

— Four people headed to the Tanger Outlet Mall in Mebane for Black Friday shopping were taken to the hospital for minor injuries after a wreck on Interstate 40 in Alamance County on Thursday night, the state Highway Patrol said.

Troopers said a driver of an SUV changed lanes and stopped in the far right travel lane because traffic was backed up near the mall. 

A car rear-ended the SUV and then caught fire. The driver and four passengers of the car were out of the vehicle before the fire started.

Troopers said the four passengers of the car were taken to Alamance Regional Hospital with minor injuries.

The driver and passenger in the SUV were not injured.

The driver of the car, Shiqi Liu, 24, of Raleigh, was charged with failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision.

Trooper said both vehicles were headed to the Tanger Outlet mall.


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  • bilge53 Nov 26, 2010

    These weekend drivers all think they missed their career in NASCAR. Drive like you have some sense even if you don't you freakin' no accounts. Common sense can be cultivated.

  • oleguy Nov 26, 2010

    If you leave enough room for you to stop, someone will get in there,,,,
    They need to reduce the speed limit around Raleigh to 50 MPH...

  • oleguy Nov 26, 2010

    I was home all day, doing yard work,,, People are way out of line when it comes to shopping...
    Better start saving that cash,

  • Axtel Nov 26, 2010

    EverythingTicksMeOff - "But silly posters aside, why is this news? If this weren't Black Friday, it wouldn't have been posted. Put a catchy tag on the story like (woooooo) Black (WOOOOOO) Friday, and it's news."

    LOL!!! That is exactly what I thought when I read it? Hilarious!!

  • JMackneil Nov 26, 2010

    got a suggestion...instead of slamming on the brakes and causing mass chaos, how bout go up to the next exit, cross the bridge and come back the other way. its called defensive driving.

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Nov 26, 2010

    mwerevu2002, LOL! You nailed it. That comment really brings home how important this article was. And what about the SUV driver? Did they get to the mall and get those bargains?

  • EverythingTicksMeOff Nov 26, 2010

    dmbutts, I guess the cops who issued the citation say that the SUV swerved in front of the car. That good enough for you?

    But silly posters aside, why is this news? If this weren't Black Friday, it wouldn't have been posted. Put a catchy tag on the story like (woooooo) Black (WOOOOOO) Friday, and it's news.

  • ahmbdm Nov 26, 2010

    FYI...in my line of work I drive approximately 3600 miles a month, and have seen it all...smokers certainly give texters a run for their money when it comes to all those behind-the-wheel distractions...NOTHING stands in the way of a smoker fumbling for his/her cigarettes, lighter, ash tray, etc. When North Carolina finally joins the civilized world and outlaws smoking while driving, you will see a marked reduction in accidents.

  • ykm Nov 26, 2010

    Is an urban assault vehicle a BMW or a Mercedes?

  • anonemoose Nov 26, 2010

    irishale, if the Uraban Assault Vehicle changes lanes and in the process takes away the proper following distance that the other car had and then stops, it is the SUVs fault. I am a cop. and I have been in such an accident. I was driving a truck, and another truck in another lane slammed on his brakes and swerved into my lane. I had no where to go. I had three witnesses and the trooper still said it was my fault. He said they were taught in school that ANYTIME a vehicle hits another in the rear it is automatically their fault. 3 years later, it took a jury at a civil trial less than 15 minutes to find the other driver at fault. I went to a re-certification school with the trooper later and he couldn't apologize enough, and even took me to lunch.