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Four arrested in armed robberies of two delivery drivers

Posted February 16, 2011
Updated February 17, 2011

— Raleigh police arrested four men Wednesday in connection with two armed robberies of restaurant delivery drivers last weekend.

On Feb. 12, police say, three men robbed a Papa John's delivery driver around 2 a.m. One man caught the victim's attention outside as he was making a delivery at 2827 Club Plaza Road, then pulled out a gun and demanded the victim turn over the food. Two other men assisted in the robbery, police said.

They forced the victim to remove his pants and searched his vehicle, then fled the scene with the food and the victim's personal belongings.

Police believe one of the men involved in that robbery worked with a different man to rob a Shanghai Express delivery worker the next night. 

Around 9:35 p.m., a Shanghai Express employee was making a delivery at 853 Postell St. when a man pulled a gun on him and demanded that he place everything on the ground, authorities said. Another man appeared, and they again forced the victim to remove his pants and rifled through his car. 

The two men tried to put the victim into the trunk of the car, but when he refused, they took his wallet, cell phone and keys and fled the scene on foot toward Rock Quarry Road, police said.

A search warrant that turned up stolen goods implicated the four men, police said.

Police did not release the names of the men they arrested. No other information was available.


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  • GWALLY Feb 17, 2011

    LOL..yes sir...Shanghai Express and Papa Johns are REALLY where the gold is...!!!!

  • bemeredithgirl Feb 17, 2011

    stealing pizza really? what is this world coming to?

  • Massdaddy Feb 17, 2011

    Delivery drivers should be paid more...they should get "combat zone pay" for deliveries to rough areas.

  • ncguy Feb 17, 2011

    obviously you cannot say anything about the neighborhoods in that location or it won't make it by the golo police

  • SaltlifeLady Feb 17, 2011

    Eventually fod deliveries are going to stop. Either that, or will all be put on credit card only for delivery. A few bad apples will ruin it for the rest of us!

  • NoObamaCare Feb 17, 2011

    Wondering if the 4 men were underage, and that is why they did not list their names as well as explains why they fled on foot.

  • wmglerum Feb 17, 2011

    @AtALost..so what do you do all day that you have time to nitpick at an article title and attempt to bring up the lame Raleigh vs. Durham arguement for only the two millionth time? Pathetic!!!!

  • freddie cadetti 72 Feb 17, 2011

    Great job, RPD!

  • Massdaddy Feb 17, 2011

    This is sadly going to ruin the delivery business.

  • shoyaryt Feb 17, 2011

    @ finesse187; you are SO right on point! If I were a delivery driver... I have one hand on your food, while my other hand is on my side arm! The heck with customer service and keep your tip; just don't make any sudden moves, while I get your change!