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Forum to look at ways to improve educational access for Hispanics

Posted May 9, 2014

When test results are released this fall, they are expected to show students across the state scored lower on average in 2012-13.

— Policy makers, business leaders and educators met at Durham Technical Community College on Friday to discuss ways to make educational opportunities more available to the Hispanic community.

The White House-sponsored forum is focused on how to improve access to early education programs, increasing the number of Hispanic high school graduates and ensuring that more Hispanic students enroll and graduate from college.

According to administration officials, improving access to educational opportunities can also improve the overall economy.

Friday's forum, which was scheduled to begin at 8 a.m., is one of eight being held across the country. 

The Educational Excellence for Hispanics Initiative was started in 1990.


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  • jurydoc May 9, 2014

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    You do realize, I hope, that there are many persons of Hispanic decent who are legal residents of THIS country??

  • Milton Bailey May 9, 2014
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    Send them back to their home countries; their language is spoken there and the teachers understand their slang. Their taxpayers pay for it, NOT US taxpayers. Why educate them if they cannot legally work here anyway? That is not very smart use of out tax money IMHO!
    I am not aware of any blockage to their education in their home country, anyway; again IHMO this is a not a problem the government is trying to solve. There are real problems they need to concentrate on. One being ENFORCEMENT OF IMMIGRATION LAWS!

    If they are back in their home country then Spanish teachers would not be needed in our elementary schools to educate those, some of them anyway, that do not want to learn.

    Maybe if this was to happen, taxes would go down.

  • readme May 9, 2014

    Maybe I am being delusional, but I thought Hispanics, at least ones in the country legally, had the same educational access as the rest of us.

  • disgusted2010 May 9, 2014

    More liberal "blame everything but those responsible," feel good about themselves, and let somebody else pay for it, waste of time and money

  • 50s Child May 9, 2014

    "to discuss ways to make educational opportunities more available to the Hispanic community."

    Isn't that race discrimination?

  • 50s Child May 9, 2014

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    "Helps" with what problem? That they don't want to learn and drop out?

    I'm so tired of "communities" crying "no access" when the truth is 1) they want someone else to pay for it and 2) they want the rewards with no effort on their part. No white people are sitting around figuring out how to make sure blacks and latinos flunk out.

    Meanwhile, I'm going to try to find out who's on that committee so I can boycott them to the fullest extent possible. And they'd better not be wasting any tax money with this latest attempt to appease tyrants.

  • SaveEnergyMan May 9, 2014

    When will liberals learn that it is not race that determines these things - it's economics? Educational opportunities are as limited for poor whites as they are for blacks and Hispanics. It's not just money for college, but cultural attitude as well. The statistics for whites are better because there is a group who are well off. This however doesn't diminish the problem for the poor.

    I suppose by attaching the "discrimination" label on it, they can get a call to action. This motivates the weak minded to over-react and create more problems than they started with. Typical government. It's time to solve the problem, not the symptoms.

  • Confucius say May 9, 2014

    "...ways to make educational opportunities more available to the Hispanic community."

    What does "more available" mean? If opportunities are available then they are available. If hispanics want to take advantage of them then that is their choice. This is just more affirmative action based on race.

  • ncprr1 May 9, 2014

    Last I checked, educational opportunities are available for everyone.

  • LetsBeFair May 9, 2014

    this is good news. every little bit helps.