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Fort Bragg soldier accused of raping child

Posted October 2, 2012

— A Fort Bragg soldier was arrested Tuesday in connection with the rape of a child in Fayetteville last month, police said.

Pfc. John Jinsoo Kim, 20, was charged with first-degree rape of a child, indecent liberties with a child and sex offense in a parental role. He was being held under a $150,000 secured bond at the Cumberland County jail.

Investigators say Kim assaulted the victim, who is under the age of 13, on Sept. 14 at a home on Bedrock Drive. 

He is an active-duty behavioral health specialist at Fort Bragg.

No other information was released.


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  • lcornetti2 Oct 4, 2012

    It only says he "is charged." "Investigators say. . ." Nowhere does this report indict him. As always, the only information conveyed is what authorities say. Of course, everybody hopes he's innocent. We hope every suspected rapist of murderer is.That's what court is for. Police and DAs are not the last word.

  • esteryates69 Oct 3, 2012

    I like think it is not true,how ever to often it is.

  • SFSOLDIER Oct 3, 2012

    I pray this is not true or unfounded! Otherwise, this young man is going away for a long, long time.

  • foghat001 Oct 3, 2012

    Sure hope this guy is innocent, otherwise he's in big, big, big trouble.

  • Tug Boat II Oct 3, 2012

    So let’s see…. We are going to rely on the news media for all the facts???? What if it turns out that this guy is innocent??? Don’t rush to judgment.

  • NotUrTypicalAmerican Oct 3, 2012

    "He is an active-duty behavioral health specialist at Fort Bragg."


  • eoglane Oct 2, 2012

    Bartmiester: he will, if guilty he will live happily in prison, I work in the prison system. The current population pays that not mind. That is a old saying, not true. They will live totally happy. Speaking from the inside

  • Scubagirl Oct 2, 2012

    there is NOT ENOUGH information here for anyone to say he's guilty or not. There can be much read between the lines. I'm not saying he's innocent, but he just might NOT be guilty.....we don't know. If he's a behavioral health specialist (not sure what that is exactly) it's possible he could have done/said something and the girl only wanted to get back at him. Don't know, just throwing another scenario out there for consideration. I would like to THINK he's innocent, but sadly think that is most likely not the case.

  • paddie Oct 2, 2012

    Bartmeister....untrue. That's just a fantasy people like to tell themselves so they'll feel better about the fact that he isn't going to get the punishment he really deserves.

  • Scubagirl Oct 2, 2012

    parental role??? That says to me he KNEW the age, regardless of how she looked,