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Fort Bragg: Helicopters landed due to bad weather

Posted September 8, 2009
Updated October 17, 2011

— A Fort Bragg spokesman said Tuesday that the military helicopters that made a sudden landing in a Rolesville field were from Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Helicopters landed in Rolesville field Helicopters land in Rolesville field

People reported seeing three helicopters flying low and slow over Holly Springs, downtown Raleigh and elsewhere in Wake County Monday afternoon. A viewer told WRAL News they came to rest off Rogers Road about half a mile from U.S. Highway 401.

Theresa Matula was riding her horse when she saw the helicopters land in the bean field.

“It was pretty bizarre," Matula said.

"You don't normally see helicopters landing in the field,” witness Tammy Boyle said.

Witness Tyler Williams said he thought the same thing. He was driving by on Rogers Road when he saw the helicopters land.

"I was thinking this is such a weird thing going on,” Williams said.

Police blocked off the area while the helicopters were on the ground. Those inside the helicopters told officers that they were not in any danger and that everybody was OK. However, they would not say what they were doing in the area.

Army officials later told WRAL News that the helicopters were from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and landed due to bad weather.

According to the regiment's Web site, the helicopters are "highly-modified" machines and are often used for night missions. The regiment has been involved in the war on terrorism since October 2001, and has provided support in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to the Web site.


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  • davidgnews Sep 9, 2009

    You never know - it could be an 'exercise.' Worse, it could happen more often in the coming years.

  • paulmichaelowens Sep 9, 2009

    In my attempt to further inform you, I made another post of my evidence of the martial law claim and was censored by WRAL.

    So, just google "Congress Martial Law" and you will see the truth.

    Again for those who are willing to blindly walk off the cliff behind the government go right ahead.

    Oh, and 9/11 was an inside job!

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Sep 9, 2009

    Charlee Sheen would be proud of your comments:

  • Gork Sep 9, 2009

    Aaaah, bad weather where? These helicopters were "highly modified" for super-double-secret missions and they couldn't fly on a day we played golf? Does that make sense in your rightwing world?

  • paulmichaelowens Sep 9, 2009


    Here is the number if you need to call

    Pentagon Switchboard 703-545-6700. Public Communication 703-428-0711

    To continue:

    I pay attention to what our government is doing and the direction it is going... do you?

    I guess perhaps you forgot about the 2002 shooting incident when the military was "playing", and they got shot.

    This is why the public needs to be informed of what the military is doing within the US borders.

    With Congress being threatened with Martial Law if they didn't pass the BAILOUT OF MAJOR CORPORATIONS, there is a very high demand for transparency in our government. If you see mass troop movements within our borders would you not like to know what is going on? If you see helicopters landing in the field next to your house, wouldn't you like to know what's going on? What are you going to do if martial law is declared? Hope the government has YOUR best interest at stake? This was just bad weather related, but we should always know whats going on.

  • Thought Criminal WS Sep 9, 2009

    wa4mjf: You seem to have hit the nail on the head with Robin Sage methinks; Does it qualify as failure if your 'incursion' makes local news headlines though?

    Beware the Black helicopters citizens of Pineland! ROFL.

  • melhanpow Sep 9, 2009

    Get over it!!! The artcile said they landed because of the weather--who said they aren't being truthful? I beleive the public doesn't need to know everything about military operations. Has nothing to do with being in the dark or trusting the government.

  • ICTrue Sep 9, 2009

    paul...maybe you should set up a direct line to the Pentagon so that they can keep you posted.

  • paulmichaelowens Sep 9, 2009

    I think those that state they wish to remain in the dark on military operations inside the US, need to remain in the dark period. There is nothing wrong with asking why 3 military helicopters are randomly landing around the country. How about YOU stay under your bed and let the world pass you by. The fact that it took so long to get an answer just demonstrates the bureaucratic government we deal with. The government should not be allowed a free pass on anything they do. There is a difference between military war operations, military exercises, and simple transportation. We display all our current forces for everyone to see with locations of equipment, just look it up. I'm glad to know that there will be a lot of people walking off the cliff because they trust the government so. I believe I will be looking where I am walking.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Sep 9, 2009

    Its a conspiracy, they are spreading H1N1 flu to get everyone behind health care.....you know someone believes this :)