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Former worker charged with breaking into closed restaurant

Posted October 27, 2008
Updated October 28, 2008

— A former restaurant worker who complained of being unpaid was arrested Monday for breaking into his old place of work.

Authorities charged Dennis Carter with breaking and entering into the Prime Only Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, 505 W. Jones St.

The state Department of Labor has been investigating complaints from six former employees about bounced paychecks and unpaid wages.

The restaurant owners unexpectedly closed the establishment in early September, citing economic reasons.


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  • NCSULandscaper Oct 28, 2008

    LOL thats the greatest thing ever

  • Oct 28, 2008

    "benjamin linus from the tv show Lost"

    Priceless!!! I almost fell out of my chair and didn't even notice the Pepsi coming out of my nose.

  • Reincarnation of the truth Oct 28, 2008

    I know one of the owners of Prime Only, I can't remember his name though,He comes to my place of work for his Buisness. He looks very greasy and sleazy, I think he owns a bail bonds company also, He should sell the Lambogini that he drive all over town, maybe then he could pay his ex-workers

  • renesbmw Oct 28, 2008

    well drcarter, i have to say that it is still not the right or most highly intelligent thing to do, taking things in your own hands, even if you did not take one tiny thing. i can totally understand anyone's frustration in this situation, because the owners of that establishment are messing with a person's way of paying their bills and supporting themselves. but as mamaisalways right said, it is obviously better to handle this in a legal way. good luck to ya.

  • TStills Oct 28, 2008

    drcarter = benjamin linus from the tv show Lost

  • Handle With Care Oct 28, 2008

    I wish I had made a bet on my post on the other story, see below....

    Dennis "DRCARTER" shame on you! What the business has been closed two weeks and you have started all this???The man said he was going to pay you.At my job I'm held back two weeks.What's going to be on the news at 10pm....you stole all the tvs???And that is what his is angry about??? If I was him I would not pay you at this point..even if I did make millions!!
    Handle With Care
    GOLO member since May 29, 2008
    October 14, 2008 8:16 p.m.
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    Ok now I'm going to open a physic hotline!

  • heyeverybody Oct 28, 2008

    drcarter, if i do recall, dont you already have several other criminal charges in your past?

  • clickclackity2 Oct 28, 2008

    Dr. Carter please be wise and not post any sort of involvement in anything or discuss the matter with anyone but your lawyer. And if you don't have one you should probably be reading some law books. In fact, if you have a profile you should probably delete it or at least cause doubt that you are who you say you are. I'm not a lawyer, but I feel your pain and frustration.

  • Justin T. Oct 28, 2008

    Wow, this hits close to home with one of the posters getting the rap for taking the law into his own hands.

    Drcarter... I know how you feel, getting ripped off and all, but can't believe you'd show up at a place you used to work.

    I have been disgruntled once or twice and made a point NOT to talk to, visit, or discuss former employees and employers. If I were you, bro, I wouldn't even comment on here if you are facing any type of legal action against you. Just my 2 cents.

  • almama Oct 28, 2008

    I know that you are frustrated Dennis over not being paid, I am frustrated for you. But don't cause more trouble for yourself over this. Everything will work out :)