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Former teaching assistants plead guilty to student assault

Posted May 9, 2008

— Two former teaching assistants at Raleigh's Longview school were sentenced Wednesday in connection with an altercation involving a 12-year-old student.

Cey-Bristol Williams, 23, and Don Jackson, 26, were arrested in January and charged with simple assault and misdemeanor child abuse in connection with the Dec. 4 incident

Each pleaded guilty to one count of simple assault and was sentenced to 12 months' unsupervised probation and a 10-day suspended sentence. They must each pay a $250 fine, plus court costs.

Both men were part of an intervention team that had been working with a male student who, according to court records, used a wooden object to attack one of their cars.

According to the Wake County schools' Web site, Longview serves students "identified as in need of special education services and whose academic and behavioral needs require intensive and intrusive intervention."


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  • happymom May 9, 2008

    Wait a minute... You all actually believe it is okay to ASSAULT a student? What about calling the police, calling an administrator? There are at least 10 options I can rattle off the top of my head that would have been more appropriate and ADULT-LIKE than attacking the student.

    I know Longview is rough, but have you considered that this student may not have been acting with all his circuits firing? That's a distinct possibility. Would that matter to you all or is it still okay to attack a child over a piece of property?

    And, no, I'm defending what the kid did. I just think that two wrongs do not make a right.

  • ksh33 May 9, 2008

    Anne, until you have been at Longview, you have no idea what these teachers deal with on a daily basis. Being cursed, assaulted, threatened, spit on, etc. will take place on more than one occasion everyday and these teachers still come back. NXT, I am sure your child is intelligent just as many other students there are, but you need intelligence, social skills, anger management and decision making skills to be productive citizen and many students there do not possess any of those skills. Add to the fact that academcially majority suffer. Understand you cannot use your son as a rubric to grade others, just consider you son blessed if he is on the path to productive citizenship.

  • ksh33 May 9, 2008


  • Sumo Vita May 9, 2008

    While there are plenty of stellar parents, there are also far too many with an extreme entitlement mentality. Their children are brought up around severe alcohol, drug and domestic abuse, but the teachers are expected to work miracles with these kids - and if they don't, it's the school system's fault.

    Especially in a certain county - I've heard 8-year-olds warn their teachers that if they were to try to discipline them "We'll sue you!". And indeed I know of parents in said school system whose path to a better life has consisted roughly of a lifetime of attempts to sue the school system, and go after any teacher that dares discipline their child.

    Then of course we're all shocked when their little monsters are let loose on society, and we hear about what "nice" families they came from. Alas!

  • enoughsenough May 9, 2008

    NotFromHere: my thoughts exactly.

  • Brindy May 9, 2008

    Really anne, give it a rest, you'd be singing a different tune if these kids were in your class.
    NXTMRS: I have no doubt your son is intelligent, in your eyes, anyway. But I have heard this tune from many parents of kids with behavior issues. I had one parent tell me her daughter was kind and friendly but can get easily frustrated at times, but we, the parents work with her all the time. Then she beat the cr*p out of two students, assaulted teachers,had to have the police called to our school twice for her, and she ended up in court with a number of charges against her. And I've seen this situation more than once, where parents paint a completely different picture from what's really going on. She ended up at Longview along with some other students I've had throughout the years.So forgive me if I don't share your view, but as much as the kids lie, the parents views are at times, skewed.I hope your son does become a productive member of our society and I applaud you for working with him

  • anneonymousone May 9, 2008

    NXTMRS, this teacher, not from that school or that county, who is about to go home after a month-long week, applauds you for standing up for your son and his school.

    Thank you for correcting the judgments made too quickly with too little information.

  • NXTMRS May 9, 2008

    My son attends Longview because of behavioral issues that we, his parents, have been addressing his entire life. I beg to differ that the worst of the worst attend this school. My son is very intelligent, yet, he has issues that affect his behavior negatively...people are so quick to judge here.

  • NotFromHere May 9, 2008

    I guess they are supposed to stand by and do nothing as the kid is destroying their property. What is this world coming to. You have just taught this kid that regardless of what he does, there are no consequences. He's always going to be the victim in his own mind.

  • Brindy May 9, 2008

    Yea, I can pretty much bet this kid was NO angel. In order to even get into Longview, you had to be the worst of the worst in your public school. I praise the people who actually want to work with these kids even though they most likely won't become productive citizens of society.